Thursday 28 February 2013

Melba Maternity Pyjamas Review

The two weeks after giving birth are far from my most glamorous.  My tummy still needs to shrink back to it's normal size and I have no hope of the thousands of stretch marks I have accumulated disappearing any time soon.  Showers are rushed as the little man seems to have a sixth sense and be desperate for some milk as soon as I get in, and having two under two doesn't give me a lot of time to look after myself!

One of the great pleasures therefore has been my new Melba Maternity pyjamas   As I was in and out of the MLU so fast with the birth I never got to wear them in hospital so they were kept for my first night as a mother of two.  As soon as I knew no more visitors were coming, I changed straight into them and it felt great!  There is nothing like the feeling of fresh PJs, especially when you are exhausted and need some TLC!

I love the melba vest as it is perfect for breastfeeding and when unclipped the vest exposes the whole breast making it easy to help a newborn latch.  The trousers are loose and comfortable and the dressing gown can still be worn for feeding too as it is cut wide at the top.  I couldn't have put together a better after baby outfit and have to admit to getting changed as soon as the last visitors have left every day - sometimes before!

Navy Breastfeeding Camisole

I think comfort is definitely something worth investing in post baby and these pyjamas are perfect for breastfeeding mums.  Not only do they feel great, they look great too which is what I need after the sleepless nights!

Disclaimer:   I was provided with these items for the purpose of this review but all thoughts and opinions are my own.


  1. I am a massive Pyjamas fan! In fact - I pretty much live in mine. But I'd never thought about maternity PJ's. These look great!

    Bump to Baby

  2. I had a Melba night dress and absolutely loved it - am unfortunately way too short for any standard pyjames :-( Alice xx


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