Monday 29 October 2012

My Homemade Halloween Maternity Costume

Finding a Halloween costume suitable for a bump is not easy.  You can spend money buying something lovely or you can improvise.  I went for the second option and for under £5 made my Halloween costume for the year.

Take one cheap vest - (I found primark sells them for £2 and they are lovely and long and very stretchy.)  -Cut a large hole in the tummy area.

Paint the now bare tummy orange.  I tried face paint but with such a large area to cover could not get it to work well.  Next we tried a homemade fingerpaint concoction which again didn't look too good.  Finally I mixed PVA glue with food colouring and painted it on leaving a lovely shiny orange belly poking out from under my top!

maternity halloween, painted baby bump, painting a pumpkin

Wait a couple of minutes for the orange to dry and then draw on your pumpkin face using whatever is at hand.  We used black paint with a little sponge and my newly popped out belly button was the pumpkin nose.

pregnant belly painted, maternity halloween costume, pregnant halloween, painted bump

I dressed all in black with the pumpkin bump sticking out and got great reactions!  Luckily this was an indoor party just round the corner from my house though, as I would have frozen walking around like this outside!

homemade halloween costume, homemade maternity, maternity halloween, painted baby bump, painting pregnant tummy

Have you ever painted your baby bump?  Send me a picture if you give this a go and I will add it in!  Next up - a shiny bauble for christmas! hehe


  1. You looked fantastic, what a wonderful idea. I never painted my bump(s) wish I had now x

  2. This is just super cool and you look awesome Bex! P.s - love Dylan peeping through in his skeleton costume too :) xx

  3. I have a Halloween party tomorrow, but it's at my sons school and no where near as brave as you to do this. It look amazing x

  4. Very cool looks amazing and a bit freaky all at the same time!

  5. What a fantastic idea during your pregnancy! How long did it take to wash your bump off? :o) xxx

  6. that made me laugh! it's a crazy idea, love it.

  7. Looks fab! You have a lovely bump! I fear mine would have looked like flab! lol! x

  8. Ah that's fab and I think it's obligatory to paint your bump as a pumpkin if it's big enough at this time of year.

    Thanks for sharing.

  9. Great idea to save on your Halloween costume. Buying an outfit for one year and probably never used again can work out expensive, but incorporating your bump is unique! - brilliant

  10. I LOVE this post and I also LOVE outie bellybuttons on pregnant bellies!!!And your popped out button did indeed make for a WONDERFUL pumpkin nose!!!!!!!!!


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