Wednesday 10 October 2012

Learning to Draw

I may not have many skills but I love to try my hand at arts and crafts.  I have attempted knitting, sewing, painting, drawing and anything else given the chance.  I have decided that at 14 months Dylan now has the understanding and co-ordination to start discovered his creative side so this week, armed with chunky crayons and plenty of paper I decided we would learn to draw.

learning to drw, baby first drawing, 14 month old artist

My first suprise was that the
crayon did not go into the mouth - not until he got a little bored anyway.  It may have gone every where else including a brief stint up the nose but mostly it was twiddled around.  It even managed to touch the paper so I knew we were going in the right direction!

budding baby artist, baby learning to draw, toddler drawing
Unfortunately hs finished artworks were not as colourful as they could have been, mostly due to his preference for the white crayon to draw on the white paper.  He chose all the light colours and passed me all the darks.  I am very proud of his first drawings though and they have pride of place on the fridge.

baby's first drawing, baby art, 14 month old drawing
I am pretty sure the one on the left is a fire engine . . .

When did you start getting arty with your children and any ideas on what we should try next?


  1. Aww bless him, it's good to introduce arts and crafts to children at a young age, have you thought about hand/feet printing? x

    1. We tried finger painting when he was about 6 months but should try it again now he understands more - good idea thanks!

  2. Cute, this is one thing I am pretty bad at. Mads draws with crayons and pens but I rarely get paints out, and when I look at all these craft blogs I feel bad that I should be trying to do more with her. My friend is constantly crafting with her little one- but Mads doesnt really have that much of an attention span yet! x

    1. I love all the craft blogs but think we both have a while until those things are practical. Dylan's attention span is not long at all, he starts singing to the crayons after a while! hehe

  3. Replies
    1. I just need to get him to autograph the corners and will see what I can sell them for ;)


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