Saturday 26 October 2019

What the Kids Wore // Maxomorra

I love this picture, despite the fact one child doesn't look overly happy and you can see the messy garden in the reflection of the window.  I made all four of these people and they look more than ever like a little gang here (can you tell who the leader is?).

The reality is the height difference is pretty huge, but the little ones are sitting further forward and they spend just as much time squabbling as they do getting along, but they are so great together when they want to be.   

Maxomorra sent us some of their Winter range and I just love these hooded onesies.  They are perfect for snuggly lazy day at home and we use them every week after swimming lessons too.  Everything is made from the softest organic cotton and you can buy the polar bear print in everything from pants to dungarees as well as adult tops (I still need to get a photo in mine!).

My other favourite print from the latest collection is the pink penguins and Cora loves matching with me.  I might have been a bit optomistic when guessing which size she would be in (Maxomorra sizes are based on height rather than age and Cora is quite petite) but we will get at least 2 year's wear from this hooded dress and Cora loves the pocket on the front. I find organic adult clothing is hard to find and I love wearing Maxomorra as it is so soft!

I need to take more photos of these four as their relationships change, and before they get older and don't want to be in photos together.  The big two are very much happy to be involved on their own terms and so I have to get them on a good day and Cora is definitely calling the shots most of the time, letting me know exactly what she wants to do!

Check out the Maxomorra website to see more and find a local stockist.

 Thank you to Maxomorra for sending us a selection of clothes from the latest collection.

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