Tuesday 1 August 2017

Nun Night Five Year Old

My baby boy, I don't think I have much longer of you allowing me to call you that.  This year you have grown in so many ways and you are so ready to turn six tomorrow.  You are the last of your friends to have a birthday and it seems crazy that some of them will be turning seven in just a few short weeks.  This year you have really cemented your friendships and you have a great group.  

This year you have grown physically, you are so tall and your feet have finally gone up a size after not growing for 18 months.  Your first two teeth came out a few weeks ago and in their place there are already two big teeth.  The novelty of wobbling and waiting has worn off now, although you are a big fan of the tooth fairy and her ability to bring you money whilst you sleep.

I feel like I have been waiting forever for you to fall in love with reading and I think we are finally getting there.  You learned to read so early and you have always been great at it, but you stopped wanting to do it at home and I refused to push you.  This last week you have been enjoying reading chapters of your library books though and I hope this is the start of it.  I loved reading at your age and I still do now, so I hope you find that same passion.

Five has been the age of Star Wars, an obsession despite the fact you have never seen any of the films.  It has been the start of joke telling, the age you discovered slapstick comedy, the beginning of computer games and minecraft and the year you have begged for your own tab on a daily basis.  Five has been a year of independence as you started pouring your own cup of milk, making your own breakfast and crossing roads without holding my hand all the time.  Five was the age you started riding a bike, and hopefully you will love the shiny green one we have wrapped up for you in the morning.

I struggle to understand how it was nearly 6 years ago that you changed everything, yet I sit here writing this, exhausted from a day at the beach with you and you three younger siblings and I smile at what you started.  I wasn't a mother until you came along.

You don't feature as much on the blog as you once did, you are too busy with school in the week and you don't always want your photo taken as much when you are at home.  You are still the inspiration for why I started blogging though and I still want to document these changes as you grow older.  You don't stay still for long either and I was left with either slightly blurry photos or some very interesting expressions to choose from for this letter!

My baby boy, tonight I put you to bed as a five year old for the last time.  You have never been more excited for your birthday, never spent quite as long counting down, never had such expectations and I hope tomorrow is perfect for you.

Sleep tight my gorgeous five year old,  for tomorrow is a big day.
Love Mummy xxxxxxxx

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