Wednesday 23 August 2017

5 Steps for Starting School

My second born baby is about to start school for the first time, and there is so much I wish I knew the first time around.  Starting school is such an exciting and nerve wracking time and with September right around the corner, I have written our five steps for starting school.

5 steps for starting school, startrite school shoes

- Get them feeling positive about school

A lot of how they react is down to how we do as parents, so speaking about school with positive language, sending them in for taster days where they can experience all the fun they will be having and even buying books about starting school can help them see it as the next big adventure.  Dylan loves school and it has helped Archie look forward to it hearing his brother so enthusiastic about learning.

- Teach them the life skills

Schools expect pupils to be independent in many ways they may not be used to and every teacher I have spoken to says the important things to teach them before September are not letters or numbers, but how to dress themselves, how to put on their own shoes and how to eat with a knife and fork.  The teachers are more trained than us in academics, but they aren't able to individually help 30 children get ready for a P.E lesson.

5 steps for starting school, startrite school shoes

- Buy the uniform

We made the mistake of thinking Dylan may get a couple of days wear out of a polo shirt before it needed a wash.  I now know better, I now know how messy a four year old can be eating lasagne, how badly marker pens stain and how dirty a reception year child manages to get at the end of every day.  We now have five complete sets of uniform for him and we will get the same for Archie.

- Find the perfect school shoes

Everyone has a different opinion on where the best school shoes come from and we have been sent these two pairs from Startrite ahead of the new school year.  Archie's have a large rubber front which I think he will need as it should protect them from scuffs and both pairs are velcro (essential unless your child can tie laces themselves).  I am really impressed with how they look and feel and I have high hopes for the year.

5 steps for starting school, startrite school shoes

- Let them go

This is the toughest step, I still remember sobbing as I dropped Dylan off on his first day.  He loved every minute though, his teacher was fantastic and caring and he is growing and learning and so interested in everything.  Archie is ready for school in so many ways and my last step to helping him settle in is to let him go.

If you have a little one about to start school, are you feeling ready?

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  1. My daughter starts school soon and I am so nervous. Silly little things like I hope she behaves, I hope she eats her lunch. I am excited for her too though. Great tips by the way xx


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