Wednesday 9 August 2017

Eurocamp - 5 things to do in the rain, 5 things to do in the sun

We have recently returned from a fantastic week away with Eurocamp at their La Croix du Vieux Pont parc and we found so much to do for all six of us.  We arrived to beautiful sunshine and 28 degrees but the weather soon deteriorated and we had more rain than anything else for our week.  It certainly didn't spoil our fun and we found so much to do both inside and out.  I thought I would share our top five things to do at the Eurocamp parc when the sun shines and our top five things to do when it doesn't.

Top 5 things to do in the Rain

1. Kids club / kids room

Eurocamp offer free kids clubs for children aged 4 to 12 and both Dylan and Archie went along a few days.  I dropped them off for two hours and they were entertained with crafts, activities and fun.  Both boys made friends and on one day there was a four hour session where they created a show for the parents to come and watch.  For the younger children there is an indoor room with games, toys and a sandpit that is open for use all day.  Both the little two loved exploring, playing with the bricks, cooking in the toy kitchen and having a chance to explore in their own way.

2. Swimming Pools

There were three indoor swimming areas at our Eurocamp site and we all loved the children's pool.  All four children could play, the older three heading straight to the slide in the middle and Cora splashing around the outside.  Next to the pool was a splash zone with lots of things shooting water around and the kids loved running through the sprays and playing in here.

3. Bowling

Bowling is an additional cost, but the bowling alley by the pub was clean and bright and loads of fun for big and small children.

4. Football or Table Tennis

There was a big indoor football pitch as well as two different indoor table tennis areas that were free to play on and this would be perfect for older children.  There was always space to play when went through the area and Finn loved kicking the footballs about.

5. Borrow a Game/Book

In the baby room there were shelves of Orchard Toys games and lots of books in many languages that could be borrowed and taken back to your mobile home and for the adults there were books available to borrow from the Eurocamp reception.  We had a bit of quiet time each morning inside our mobile home and these helped keep the children occupied.

When the sun is shining there is even more choice of things to do, here are our favourites :

1. Manmade Beach

Set next to the lake is a fake beach - a circle of sand with a pool of water in the centre.  It is ideal for families as the children can choose to build sandcastles, dip their toes in, go for a swim or play on inflatables.  There is a playground and a restaurant/bar right next door too so it was easy to spend the whole day here.

2. Learn to Ride

Many Eurocamp parcs, including this one offer free 'learn to ride' sessions where children aged between 3 and 6 can attend free bike lessons.  They start on balance bikes and progress on to pedals and we were amazed at how well Dylan did thanks to the lovely Pru.  Teaching him to ride was something we were planning for the summer and this got him off to a great start!

3. Feed the Ducks

The parc is centered around a lovely lake and there were lots of ducks as well as a family of swans that we enjoyed spotting and feeding our leftovers to.  The boys gave them all names and ran outside every morning in the hope they were hanging around by our mobile home.

4. Go Karts

One of Archie's highlights of the week was definitely having a go on the go karts.  There is a little track right next to the lake where you can also hire pedalo boats and all three boys had a go on the go-karts (although Finn's legs were a little short)

5. BBQ

Each mobile home comes with a table and chairs on the decked area and a barbeque and you have to make the most of the sunshine to cook up some sausages.  The on site store sells everything you need and there is also a supermarket about a mile from the parc with more choice. We started to worry that all our efforts were getting rained off but we managed a BBQ before the week was out!

There are so many more activities I could have listed, from hiring bikes and cycling around the lake to the soft play area above the pub but there are our favourites and we enjoyed them all during our stay.

Our stay in France was courtesy of Eurocamp but all thoughts and opinions are completely my own.


  1. This looks fab! I used to go to Eurocamp as a child and you've inspired me to take my family back �� Glad you all had a lovely time x

  2. Good to know! Thanks for this information. It's a good and useful article

  3. Oh, I really empathise as we just got back from two weeks in West France where, after three gorgeous days, the weather completely deteriorated. It's lovely to see how many indoor options they have. It's not easy being on holiday when the weather is not good! x

  4. This are all great ideas, and many I hadn't realised about Eurocamp. It looks like it's changed a lot since I went as a child! :)

  5. Eurocamp just sounds so good with kids, and I love the fact their are so many of them too.

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  7. Having 6 weeks holiday with the kids and finding out most weeks are spent raining is an absolute mare! I live in Birmingham and find it's always really difficult to find suitable adventure days with the kids that don't cost an arm and a leg. And secondly, those that are local and don't have to spend hours driving to. Saying this, I've been to the Robin Hood water park before and they really looked after us. I recently came across a really good site called that have loads of things to do with the kids. It's London based so if anyone is looking for things to do over the summer, would definitely recommend checking it out! And obviously, if anyone has any ideas for what we can do in the Midlands, it would be very much appreciated. Thank you - Evie x

  8. Absolutely love this campsite. We went during Easter and as you say there's plenty to keep you busy on days when the weathers not quite so good. Also live the fact it's quite near to Paris which has also got loads to do.

  9. Despite the rain it looks like you all had fun. We had a wonderful Eurocamp holiday in Spain in May and I can't wait for our ext one to France next May! Mich x


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