Tuesday 5 April 2016

What the Boys Wore - Dribble Stop Vests

Rosy red cheeks and sleepless nights, a tube of teething gel in every room and dribble pouring from his mouth, this baby boy of mine is well and truly teething.  His first two didn't appear until he was just over 10 months and three more have cut in the last month with another causing lots of misery and pain.  I don't remember the other two struggling so much with their teeth, but it may be something my brain has blocked out.  The nights are long and restless and my normally happy boy has periods where he really isn't his happy little self.

Dribble bibs have become a staple in his wardrobe, but we were recently sent a pack of dribble stop vests which do the work of a vest and bib in one - perfect for when Daddy gets him dressed, or when you just don't have a bib that goes with their outfit.

dribble vest, dribble stop vest, teething baby
The bibs have a handy panel inside made of waterproof material but which is still completely breathable.  It is still only super soft jersey against Finn's skin, but dry jersey.  Finn has really been putting them to the test, and I am happy to say that they work!  He stayed dry, although the actual seam along the top did get slightly damp at times.  He didn't get irritated by it and the vests are lovely quality and a great fit.  A vest lasts him happily for a whole day without needing changing - something that would never happen without a bib usually.

teething baby, teething vest, dribble vest, dribble stop tops

At the moment there are three options, a pack of two white, a blue stripe and white and a pink stripe and white.  I would love to see some bright ones added in as the company expands, but a white vest is a staple in Finn's wardrobe and the blue and white stripes looked gorgeous with his dungarees too.

dribble stop tops, teething baby, vest for teething, vest for dribble

I was really impressed with the vests and can really recommend them.  Somehow the bloke managed to dress Finn and put one on back to front this week - it takes some skill and I can confirm they still look lovely the wrong way round, although they don't work nearly as well!

The vests retail at £13.99 for a pack of two and look and feel great quality.  They are available in sizes 0-3 up to 18-24 months, Finn is wearing the 12-18 months here at 13 months old.


  1. What a fantastic idea! H-Bear hates wearing dribble bibs, so these would be perfect for him! On a side note, Finn is just delicious!

    Thanks for linking up to #FunkyKidFriday xx

  2. I've seen these before and often wondered if they actually worked. Finn looks very cute in them too - I love his farm dungas! And teething sucks doesn't it? Gabe has just cut his sixth tooth in as many weeks and I'm hoping we're going to get a bit of a rest from it for a while now!


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