Monday 4 April 2016

Spring Style for Archie

Spring has arrived and we already enjoying building sandcastles on the beach, lunch in the garden, bare arms and the odd ice cream. It feels like there was a sudden shift from winter coats to leaving the house with just a cardigan but I am not complaining (nor am I expecting it to last without a few colder days thrown in the mix)

In honour of the wonderful sunshine I have started thinking about the boys' spring wardrobes and making wishlists. I have been browsing for Archie and seem to have found a bit of theme with white, black and yellow.  His wardrobe is pretty full of colour and these simple shades will go really well and maybe be a bit more grown up for my newly turned three year old.

Archie Spring Style

Archie is still living in his wellies so we need to get him some more suitable Spring footwear for the dryer says and I love these Clarks sneakers from Brantano as they are fun but still pretty Archie -proof (dark colours!). We only have a couple of these items already but I am hoping to slowly get a few more over the coming weeks (slowly so that the bloke doesn't notice of course). Lucky no.7 is my new favourite brand for Archie and so the t-shirt tóp left and the shark shorts are top of my list!

Have you started buying ready for Spring/summer? What have you seen that may accidentally fall into your shopping basket?


  1. I've just bought my son a bright yellow top which has injected done spring colour into his wardrobe.

  2. What lovely picks becky, I adore the black t-shirt with the writing on x

  3. Love the bright yellows, great way to get a bit of colour into his wardrobe. Love the t-shirt with the cap and shades :)

  4. Oh my goodness! You picked out such lovely things. What a stylish little man you'll have x

  5. He will be one stylish little dude in those clothes! Not sure where you live though, but its still freezing here!x

  6. Love this collection of clothes! Loving the monochrome mixed with yellow. Very cool xx

  7. These are such a cute selection! We have similar Clarkes shoes for our boys for the summer. They love them.


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