Saturday 30 April 2016

Me and Mine April

April has been the month that really highlighted the unpredicatability of British weather.  We have had wondeful days at the beach where we bared our arms and came home with rosy cheeks followed by days where we put our ski jackets back on for the school run and jumped in every puddle we could find.  

We were actually ridiculously organised and took these photos quite early in the month! My little sister came home after 5 months of working abroad and we all had a lovely lunch at the local beach cafe.  We got down there early as the weather was so nice and spent the entire day there with our buckets, spades and ice creams.

April has been busy in some ways but full of routine too.  It has flown by all too quickly and I am glad that we have a long weekend now to see it out.

This month Mama has been loving summer dresses and flip flops because she doesn't have to reach her toes,  seeing Britney Bump again at the growth scan, finally getting her hair cut - the first time since Finn was born, and afternoon tea at the Savoy as part of P&G's Thank You Mum campaign with Jessica Ennis-Hill.

Daddy is loving that the living room is decluttered, exploring in the woods with the boys, that summer is on the way and how well Archie is doing with potty training

Dylan is loving after school clubs that he started this term, the penny arcades,  teaching Finn new things and getting his hair cut.

Archie is loving wearing big boy pants, going to nursery with his friends, eating apples and watching snooker on TV

Finn is loving being discharged from peadiatric care, singing to us in his own little way, pushing his wooden trolley up and down the living room and eating grapes.

We are excited for May now, hopefully the start of more stable good weather, lots of time enjoying our family just the way it is and two bank holiday long weekends too.


  1. These photos are gorgeous Bex. Definitely some of my favourites from you! The beach is always a winning backdrop for me, and I love how fun they are. Gorgeous! x

  2. These photo's are gorgeous, we are about as far from a beach as you can get in England and it's this kind of photo that makes me yearn to just get in the car! Xx

  3. Ahhh I love these photos!!! To look at them you'd think we were right in the middle of Summer! xx

  4. Such lovely photos. How lucky to capture a gorgeous beach day.

  5. I absolutely adore these babes. So cute. Love the bump you look amazing darling. So excited for you. Not long now.

  6. I have two types of footwear - boots for winter and flip flops for summer. I am now in flip flops and am loving it! Crazy that it has been summer dress and ski jacket weather these last few weeks but today has been gorgeous- long may that continue!! Love these photos, I need to get to the beach soon! #meandmineproject x

  7. Oh Bex these are absolutely beautiful photos - what a gorgeous day to be at the beach - roll on summer!


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