Thursday 14 April 2016

Baby Sight Tool from Vision Direct

Every week this little girl growing in my belly is getting bigger and stronger.  The little app on my phone tells me that she can now hear voices, dream and cough.  She has grown eye lashes and she can now open her little eyes although she can't really see yet.

I know that when she is born her vision is limited and it will continue to develop outside the womb for the first year.   Vision Direct have developed a baby sight tool that shows me exactly how her vision will develop and it is really fascinating reading about the changes that take place.

From the blurry grey shape that I will seem to her as she enters this big scary world to the colourful 3d world that Finn at 13 months is now able to see, there are so many changes in their eyes and perception.  I never realised that at a year Finn now has full adult vision, although the fact that he can spot a crumb a mile off and make his way straight to it tells me that he can see pretty well!  

The simple tool developed by opticians explains not only what your baby can see at each stage, but how you can help their vision too, from lots of eye contact as you are feeding a newborn to playing peekaboo to teach them about permanence and encouraging crawling for co-ordination.  The moving slider helps you find your baby's visual milestones.  

I know that this little baby girl of ours is never going to be without stimulation, it is part of the package of being the youngest of four!  She is going to have brothers singing her songs, showing her toys and packing sure their faces are ones that she recognises.  

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