Wednesday 6 April 2016

My Pregnancy Skin

This pregnancy has been so different from my previous three and whilst I felt like I was really 'glowing' with the others during the second trimester, this time I have dry grey skin that I seem to pour moisturisers and oils on each night only to wake up peeling again.

Vital Touch saw my struggles and sent me some of their facial skincare range designed for pregnancy and beyond.  Whether you are glowing or grey, chances are your skin is going through some pretty big changes just like the rest of you during pregnancy and I have found some of my usual products aren't working the same or are even causing a reaction whereas before they were fine.  I never knew there were face care products designed specifically for this period, but it makes sense now!

The Natalia Radiance Replenishing range is gentle even on sensitive skin and is designed to balance and brighten.  I am becoming much more conscious of the chemicals involved in every day life so the fact that it is free from parabens, SLS, artificial perfumes and petrochemicals is important to me too.

pregnancy skincare, vital touch, radiance replenish

The range consists of a cleanser, exfoliator and moisturiser.

The cleanser is easy to use, leaves my skin feeling fresh and has a simple smell.  The exfoliator left my skin feeling moisturised which surprised me as often it feels very dry straight afterwards and it didn't feel as harsh as my usual one.  The moisturiser soaked in quickly, and whilst it felt a little sticky the first time I used it, that sensation was gone pretty quickly.  I have been slathering it on in a bid to stop my face from peeling and it is definitely making a difference.  I have found that the best combination for me is an oil based moisturiser before I go to bed and using this as a daytime one.

pregnancy skincare, exfoliator

My skin is still far from glowing and I think the grey tone may not vanish until Finn starts sleeping through the night, but I am finding my skin more manageable now and I will be sticking with these products until the end of pregnancy (and beyond if they last).  

The cleanser costs £12.50 for 100ml, the moisturiser is £16.50 for 50ml and the exfoliator is £15.50 for 50ml.

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  1. Oh they do look nice! Post pregnancies I'm really struggling to find products I don't react to so I might have to try these out - ah the joys of babies and our poor skin!!


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