Sunday 17 April 2016

Sleep (or the lack of) and the Gro Bag

Sleep - Something I am definitely not getting enough of at the moment.  I felt quite smug when Finn started sleeping through the night at 3 months old, and much less so when that stopped at 5 months.  He is nearly 14 months now which means it has been roughly 9 months since I last got a solid 8 hours and I miss it!

We have good nights and bad nights, some where he only wakes once, has his milk and goes back down and others (mostly when his teeth are coming through) when I seem to spend more time settling him than I do actually with my eyes shut.  

I am holding on to the fact that it won't last forever, but it would be lovely if he could manage a little more before the new baby arrives and the next cycle starts again!

13 months doesn't sleep, sleeping bag, gro bag, gro company, Anorak

The Gro company sent us one of their awesome Anarok print sleeping bags and I love the bright tractor print.  It is lovely and snuggly for Finn and the 6-18 month size still has loads of growing space in it, lasting us way past 18 months I imagine.  I feel reassured knowing that he isn't going to wake up too cold as he has kicked off his covers - I really don't need another reason for him to wake up at night!

Gro bags are such a simple and genius idea and I will definitely be using this for the new baby once Finn has outgrown it.  It isn't our first Gro-bag and I have bought them myself in the past, but it is our first Anarok print and it really appeals to my love of Scandinavian design and childish colours.

gro bag, baby sleeping bag, tractor sleeping bag, Anorak sleeping bag,

I took these pictures when Finn was ready to bed and therefore not particularly co-operative.  He was ready for his milk, cuddles and some songs and did not understand why I wanted him to sit in his cot!  He has no problem moving about his cot in it or standing up as you can see.  

Thank you to the Gro Company for sending us this beautiful Gro-bag, Finn is really happy in it, despite how he may look in these photos

And if anyone has any tips on helping him sleep through the night then I would love to hear them!


  1. no advice but I know how you feel with my 36 month old. she was so easy as a baby then she developed eczema and it all went wrong from there. we had 1 month of sleep through just before she was 1 and now we are also expecting baby 2 in 6 weeks. would love to hear any tips too

  2. Aww he is so adorable Bex. I hope he starts settling for you soon. I worried loads about Tyne's bad sleeping before Noah arrived but it didnt make much difference and Noah ended up sleeping better than Tyne did! xx

  3. Such an adorable and cute kid, hey !!! how are you? I have just started blogging into kids lifestyle and fashion , stumbled upon your blog to draw inspiration. It was lovely going through your blog posts!!!!


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