Wednesday 2 September 2015

An August Bank Holiday

The August bank holiday is always one of my favourites.  It always falls around the time of my birthday and seems to be the perfect time to say goodbye to the summer, even if we are hoping for a few more weeks of sunshine.  We managed two days out of three where the temperature was above 20 degrees and we didn't need raincoats and welly boots so I think we did well!

There always seems to be lots going on locally over the weekend, and we chose a small fun fair right down by the beach on Saturday.  It was perfect for little ones like mine as they could go on almost everything and I think the teacups were definitely the favourite.

We had demands for a blue and a yellow ice cream so we popped into a lovely little ice cream shop overlooking the harbor for exactly that.  I went for a mint choc chip/ferrero rocher combo and it was delicious.  

There was live music afterwards and we bumped into so many people we know.

Saturday daytime was spent celebrating a little friend's third birthday and after a late nap from the big two, we decided on an impromptu evening picnic.  We grabbed some food and our new picnic bag and headed down to a little local park.

We haven't started weaning Finn yet but he was definitely eyeing up the strawberries! After we had packed up the plates and popped them back in the car, we put Finn in the sling and went exploring.  The park is right on the cliff top, so we could climb down onto the sand and stones, although it isn't a nice beach at the bottom.

The boys found big sticks to make them real explorers and they loved being out late discovering somewhere new.  It is only minutes from our house, but it isn't somewhere we have been before, and they left desperate to come back.

I love watching them explore, their faces excited to tell me about everything new they see, watching them touch and feel every surface, climb on every rock and warn me that they think they just heard a 'wild beast' in the bushes.

Monday was unfortunately wet all day.  The big boys had a lie in, and only woke up when we took Finn downstairs at 9:30 and we had a quiet day inside with lego, painting, pretend holidays and youtube videos.

The next weekend will come around quicker than the last which is bittersweet as I love the family time, but we are racing towards school and nursery beginning and the real end of summer.

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