Thursday 3 September 2015

Half a Year

26 weeks old, 6 months, half a year.  We have reached this milestone without me really understanding how the time has passed.  My newborn has become a baby and this baby is growing up, learning new skills and changing constantly.

Finn is still such a content baby.  He loves to cuddle, he wants to know I am close, even if we aren't touching and he adores his big brothers.  He is starting to teethe and is constantly chewing his hands.  We have introduced a few teething toys now that he has the co-ordination to get them in his mouth and Sophie the giraffe is already proving to be a favourite.

He has started sitting unaided, although only for short bursts and he still leans quite far forward.  He can roll from his front to his back, and lying on his back he seems to turn in circles as he lifts his bum in the air and moves round.  I am not convinced this is on purpose, but he isn't usually facing the same way that I left him anymore.  He isn't showing an interest in crawling yet and I am happy for him to stay that way  -  Archie crawled at around 7 months and I remember how much trouble they can cause! 

I think I have last baby syndrome with Finn as I really am in no rush for him to grow up.  We haven't started weaning yet, and I am not rushing into things.  We are planning on doing baby led weaning, and we will start bringing him up to the table and offering things soon, but he is still very happy on his milk (he has 5/6 5oz bottles per day).

We also haven't started sleeping apart.  He goes to bed around 7:30pm, but in his crib downstairs and I bring him upstairs when I go to bed for him to sleep in the Snuzpod next to me. He still has plenty of space and I like having him next to me.  This month we will be building his cot in preperation for the move though.  He still sleeps well, going from 7:30pm until between 5 and 8 in the morning - if it is before 7, he usually settles back down again after a bottle.  Naps are still sporadic, probably 3-4 a day but with no set schedule.

Finn now weighs 15lb 3oz and is comfortably in size 3-6 month clothes.  He is still dinky, or seems it to me after two big children, but he is growing steadily and perfectly.  It feels lovely to have a little one finally!

He is still usually in the carrycot when we go out and he is very happy in there still, but we are starting to transition him into the main seat unit as well.  He still looks more comfortable lying down though and there is something so special about pushing a proper pram that I really don't want to give it up just yet.

At 6 months old Finn still feels like the new baby, but it also seems like he has been around forever too.  He is as much a part of this family as any of us


  1. No... I refuse to accept that he is six months old. He was JUST born surely...? Mad how fast they grow up. But so lovely that he's still your dinky little dot and he gets to feel like a tiny baby for a bit longer. I think he's looking like such a mixture of his big brothers these days, so cute. x

  2. Aww he is just so cute and I love that you have a Thing 3 shirt for him to match your pregnancy announcement photo. I know what you mean about third babies staying babies for longer, I feel the same way with Pip and then I look up and he's starting to look very little boy!


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