Friday 3 April 2015

Three Under Four - The First 5 Weeks

No change is ever as big as having your first child.  Your life is turned upside down, there is always another person to think of before yourself and you experience a love you never knew existed.  Moving from one child to two is a challenge, there are now two mouths to feed, two bodies to dress and there is learning to balance two different sets of needs, giving both children attention.  I have found going from two to three the hardest change so far though.

It may because I had three weeks of relative calm in hospital, where my focus was on my newborn baby and when we made it home it was straight into reality.  It may be because Archie is more energetic and mischievous than his big brother was, it may be because they are all under four or it may just be that I am well and truly outnumbered now, I don't have a hand for each child, or a shoulder for each head.  Three definitely takes more balancing.

It is getting easier every day as we learn what works for us, as I discover short cuts, new ways of getting things done, and as I prioritise what can be left out for a little while.  My first week with all three involved a lot of Peppa Pig, Belvita breakfast biscuits on the day we woke up too late to eat at home before nursery and lots of early nights.  I had moments I felt totally in control and moments I wondered what I was doing.  

This past few days I am feeling like we are making great progress.  Finn is happier to be put down for short periods, Archie is understanding the word gentle a little better and Dylan is taking on his role as big brother to two.  I have managed to get all three asleep at the same time on more than one occasion and I even took all three out for lunch on my own pretty successfully.

Finding time to do things with them individually is tough though.  There doesn't seem to be enough hours in the day to do anything and the sleep deprivation that comes with having a newborn doesn't help my productivity.  

This doesn't mean that I am not loving life with three.  Whilst it can be pretty manic, I am lucky that there is no jealousy at all, the big two love the baby and he watches them closely back.  When Finn cries Archie runs over to sing him a song, and watching Dylan sit down next to his smallest brother to read him a story reminded me how wonderful siblings can be.  I am so proud of my three beautiful sons and I hope that I have given them all something special. I know that we will find our own routine soon, and feel more settled with the new dynamic, but for now I am trying to embrace the crazy!


  1. I feel the same. 1 to 2 was ok in comparison to 2 to 3 children I'm still struggling with juggling and it's even tougher when illness is involved!!

  2. It sounds like you're doing great to me! I realised that for me to have 3 under 4 I would need to be 3 months pregnant by now and that made me realise how crazy you must have been ;) hehe. You're doing great, I have every faith that before you know it there will be more one on one time, more calm and less crazy x

  3. You are amazing! I remember how well you took from 1 to 2 and how impressed I was then. Three is bound to be hectic but I know you will be amazing at it x

  4. Gorgeous photos of your little ones together <3 It must be so tough to have three under four, I'm sure it will get easier and easier as time goes on and you find yourself a routine that works for you all. xx

  5. Absolutely wonderful photos. This sounds terrible (because I'd love another!) but I'm in awe of people who go back a third time! You are such a natural mum that it is wonderful to see you taking it in your stride, but offering honesty of the challenges it brings. I love being a mum to three, as they grow you are able to have 1 to 1 time as the other two play together and also spectate as their team of 3 (or more!) develop. Looking forward to hearing of the developing bonds.

  6. Such gorgeous photos, Finn is already so full of personality! My sister said the same thing about going to 3 being the most challenging adjustment. It sounds like you are doing fabulously to me! xxx

  7. These are such gorgeous photos - I bet that you'll treasure these so much in the years to come! And I've just noticed that your three share a nose shape. They definitely look like brothers from the side!

  8. You are amazing sweetie and doing a great job. I've always admired your maternal instinct, it all seems to come so naturally to you so i'm sure the dust will settle in not time and you'll have all 3 boys whipped in to shape. xxx
    Love From Mummy - UK Parenting Lifestyle Blog

  9. What beautiful pictures! I'm contemplating a third child, but my other boys are 9 and almost 11, so it would be completely different. I found having two really hard at first, there is 19 months between the boys, and my eldest Fin hated his new brother and kept biting him if I turned my back for even a second! Luckily that hating stage only lasted a couple months, but it felt like years!
    Stevie x


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