Thursday 9 April 2015

Alternatives to Baby Blue for Baby Boys

With Finn being my third boy, I have to admit that I am done with pale blue.  When we were expecting Dylan, we stocked up on the traditional baby blue and he suited it completely but I have discovered over the last three years how great a variety of boys clothes there can be, and Finn has a wardobe full of white, grey and colour.  His clothes are fun, comfy and perfect for a baby boy without being overly blue.  

I love colourful baby clothes, playful styles and pictures that remind me of childhood.  Dylan has loved choosing clothes for his little brother, and he always goes for bright (and usually covered in dinosaurs too).  I have found some great independent stores, scandinavian brands and even places on the high street that have great colourful boys clothes.  This sleepsuit is from Melijoe and I love the colour scheme. 

Blue doesn't have to be pale, Finn looks lovely in blue, but we have chosen darker or brighter shades.  No matter how you dress a baby, you will get asked repeatedly whether it is a boy or girl, and dressing him in blue helps other people to recognise them. It also makes it a lot easier to shop!

There is something so precious about babies in white, and I can't resist that angelic look, especially in the first couple of months.  There isn't long where white works as weaning and crawling soon eliminate it from their wardrobe, so I love white on my babys, although with two big brothers who love playing with him, Finn won't be keeping white clean for long either!

These gorgeous babygrows can all be found on the Melijoe website

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  1. Oh aren't they lovely - I'm only one boy in but I couldn't dress him in baby blue all the time so we have lots of reds and blues and yellows and rainbows! Frughi have been fantastic for finding really colourful clothes and I've bought so many bits from the boys section in years gone by for the girls that Pip's doing very well on the handmedowns!

  2. Love these. My new nephew is going to be born in june and ive got him a baby blue blanket as thats all the shops had. Think i might try this website. Many thanks x


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