Wednesday 29 April 2015

Life With Three - Month Two

It has been over a month since we brought Finn home from the hospital, and we have had plenty of time to adjust to the new dynamic in the house.  Those first nervous days seem so long ago, and whilst I wouldn't say I have everything sorted, we have certainly found our groove now.

Preperation is key, and whilst I used to leave things until the morning, I now make sure I have the changing bag full, packed lunches made and outfits picked out for us all the night before.  In the evenings I can run around getting things done without tripping over little feet and it makes getting out the house before 9am a little less stressful.  We have even made it to nursery on time once or twice without forgetting anything.

Dylan and Archie still adore their little brother and love getting involved in looking after him.  Whilst it isn't always welcome, I am realising how useful having spare hands can be, and they are quite happy to help fetch nappies and wipes, or to sing him a lullaby when I am busy.  They are so desperate for him to join in their games and talk back, and they both insist that they are his favourite.

Dylan wants to show him everything and read him books, Archie is always kissing his head, and has a special tone of voice just for the 'little baby'.  They both want to hold his hand give him cuddles on the sofa. 

We are lucky enough to have a selection of pushchairs in our house and it makes getting out so much easier.  With three under four, we use several different combinations, as there are short trips we can venture without a pushchair as I can pop Finn in the sling, times when I have Finn and Archie in a pushchair, or just Finn, or just Archie, or even the big two in the buggy and Finn back in the sling.  Every journey is planned to make sure I am well prepared but we have got the hang of it now.

This month I decided to bite the bullet and take all three out for lunch on my own.  I have always loved eating out with the boys, but I was nervous of handling all three in a restaurant without back up, as it isn't easy to chase a toddler whilst breastfeeding a baby! Luckily it went pretty smoothly and gave me a lot of confidence.  It isn't likely to be such a regular thing now, but I know that we can do it (with the help of lots of stickers!).  

Life with three is proving to be pretty busy, there aren't many moments of quiet in the day, and there is always at least one child needing attention.  What I am seeing is how wonderfully the big two can play together when they are left alone, how caring they are around their baby brother, and how things are only going to get easier as Finn becomes less dependent on me, and we get used to our new routine.  After finding the first couple of weeks pretty tough, I think we have found our groove this month.


  1. Well done on the lunch out! I can barely manage it with just Sienna, haha! x

  2. Wow, I don't think I have ever done a solo lunch out with my boys, haha! That's amazing, It sounds like you are taking it all in your stride and they really are adorable! Archie looks so grown up now, especially with little Finn next to him. Beautiful boys xx

  3. It sounds like you really have found your routine and worked out the pace of life for your little family. The boys clearly adore each other. You're doing fantastically - you have such a beautiful family x

  4. I think it's really great you are being so honest about your journey with three Bex. I really don't know if we will have a third or not, I would like one, but I really love reading posts like you are writing so I know exactly what it may be like with three- at the moment I can't imagine it. x

  5. Wow you are so brave going out with three. I did this once and then had both babies sat at the table in high chairs, food and bags everywhere and the 4 year old (at the time) said 'I need the toilet' - it was interesting... I never tried again haha. You're awesome. These are great captures, sweet little kisses. #siblings


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