Tuesday, 31 March 2015

Me and Mine March

March has been manic, but it has seen us bringing home the newest member of the family, Finn.  The first half was spent apart as Finn and I were in special care and the bigger boys at home and since we have been reunited, it has been about adjusting to three small boys and life as a family of five.

We weren't going to attempt anything too ambitious this month, and this photo sums up March pretty well.  There have been lots of cuddles, more time than usual spent on the sofa, and I have looked exhausted throughout.  We have been together though, learning about one another and we have done it smiling (especially Archie!)

This month Mummy is loving having all her family together under one roof, managing to get all three boys to nap at the same time, cuddles on the sofa with all three of her babies and eating proper food again after 3 weeks of hospsital cuisine.

Daddy is loving Peppa Pig cake for his birthday, having Mummy back home to share the childcare, building Dinosaurland out of cardboard boxes with Dylan and the warmer weather.

Dylan is loving gardening with Daddy, watching Blaze on Nikolodeon, having cake in the hospital cafe and proudly showing off our new baby.

Archie is loving having Mummy home again, taking his lunchbox to nursery, singing Twinkle Twinkle to Finn and telling people to come here 'RIGHT NOW'.

Finn is loving having mummy's milk again, snoozing on Mummy's chest, the chatter of his brothers and being out of the hospital.


  1. Ah, you sound like you've had a happy and contented few weeks since you brought Finn home. Long may it continue!

  2. I still love seeing pictures of you five. Gorgeous x

  3. So glad to hear you're home and well with your family reunited xx

  4. So glad thing are finally settling for you and your beautiful family!

  5. Oh Bex it is fantastic to see you all at home and looking so very happy. I think you're looking wonderful considering how tiny Mr Finn is and I am in complete awe of you for managing to get all three to nap at the same time. I've never achieved it unless in the car which doesn't really count when I'm the one driving!!

  6. That photo is beautiful. You and your four boys! I hope you're settling well into new family life x

  7. Congratulations and a beautiful photo of the new family of 5. Love the new for your newest addition too :)

  8. This photo is just to gorgeous! What a gorgeous family you have! x #MeandMine

  9. Oh Bex this is such a beautiful family capture. Loving the family of five now. Gorgeous. #meandmine


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