Thursday 30 April 2015

Me and Mine April

April has absolutely flown by in a whirl of hospital appointments, soft play afternoons and nursery runs and I didn't even realise the month was ending until today.  Luckily, we have taken two sets of family photos this month, and as I couldn't choose which to include, we have both.  The first set were taken down the beach over the Easter weekend.  Every Easter sunday we visit my parents, and always end up taking a stroll after dinner along the seafront as they live round the corner.  The other set are from the day we dressed up as superheroes, and I love how random they are! They aren't the best photos as I forgot that I had changed the settings on my camera, but they make me smile.

This month Mummy is loving her Tuesdays with just Finn whilst the big two are at nursery, baby clothes shopping (a bit too much!), Dairy milk puddles and getting her pre-pregnancy clothes back out the loft.

Daddy is loving having a few days off work to tidy up the garden, the funny things Archie comes out with, his new phone and planning for the summer.

Dylan is loving dressing up as Batman, seeing Aunty NatNat again now she is back from France, getting to eat Easter eggs first thing in the morning and getting covered in mud in the eco garden at Preschool.

Archie is loving telling everyone that he is Spiderman, being a big brother, choosing his own shoes everytime we go out and picnics in the park.

Finn is loving sleeping in his snuzpod, having a whole week without having to visit the hospital, snuggling up with Mummy in the sling, and growing finally!


  1. Oh what fab photographs! I love your April Me and Mine post, lovely to see how grown up Archie and Dylan are looking and the costumes are ace! xx

  2. Such beautiful pictures and Finn fits in seamlessly - it's like he's always been there! He looks so tiny! You really have a gorgeous family x

  3. Aww I love both sets of photos, they're so lovely and tiny super hero Finn is just adorable! Yay for a week with no hospital visits!

  4. Blooming love the fancy dress pictures x

  5. Beautiful little family Bex, you must be so proud of your boys. x


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