Tuesday 6 May 2014

My Funny Little Boy - April

Every single day this little guy makes me laugh with the funny things he says, and every now and again I remember to write one down.  Here are the latest collection:

{sat on the toilet in Cafe Nero}
Dylan: what's that mummy?
Mummy: It is an emergency cord.  If we get hurt or stuck and we need help then it lets people know
Dylan: Daddy said yesterday that we had no chocolate and that was an emergency, can I pull it?

Dylan: Have you got a baby in your tummy?
 Mummy: No!
Dylan: What IS it in there then?
(cheeky toddler!)

Grandma:  Dylan, do you need a hand?
Dylan: Yes please Grandma, I need that one over there on the left

"Mummy, can we go on the turn it around thing?" (he means a roundabout)

"Do you know what my favourite kind of mummy is? It's this one!" (pointing at me thankfully!)

"I think we have done enough shopping now, it must be time for some tea and biscuits." (This boy is obsessed with tea and biscuits!)

"Dylan Wylan did a poo, eee aay eee ayy ohhh" (to the tune of old macDonald) (Loudly, in a public toilet)


  1. I love reading about the funny things that little ones say. Their minds are amazing. You can tell Dylan is your son. Running out of chocolate? Definitely an emergency ;-)

  2. Argh at poo songs in public toilets! F always asks me loudly if i am doing a wee or a poo when we go together!

  3. Kids say the best things and their timing is always impeccable! Sounds like you have a little comedian :)


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