Monday 26 May 2014

Working from Home

My working environment has recently changed, and a busy restaurant has been replaced with a cosy sofa. Whilst it is pretty nice being able to put my feet up and eat biscuits throughout the working day, I sometimes struggle to stay focused and to be productive in the right areas.  Here are my top tips for working from home:

  • Be strict with yourself.  Set yourself work times and scheduled breaks and don't check facebook/instagram/twitter in between.  I know my limit is about an hour and a half on the computer before I need to get up and move, so I make sure I have a 15 minute break whenever I need one.
  • Make sure your working area is comfortable.  I tend to use the sofa, and I was sent a gorgeous silk throw and pillow which make the space so much more appealing.  If you work at a desk make sure it isn't too cluttered and there is lots of light.

  • When you do take a break be as active as you can.  Dance around to some music, do some housework or go for a run.  This stops me getting so restless and makes my day even more productive.
  • Pretty stationery always helps.  Whilst nearly everything I do is on a computer, having a nice notebook to jot down ideas is always a good thing and there is something very therapeutic about writing with a pen after typing for so long.
  • If the washing up keeps calling and you struggle to focus then try working from a coffee shop or hotel lobby for the morning.  You have fresh coffee brought to you and a change of scenery can do wonders for inspiration.
What are your top tips for working from home?

The luxury silk throw and luxury silk cushion I was sent are really standing the test of family life and working from home.  They are soft and snuggly and seem to repel dirt well enough as after a few weeks on our sofa they still feel as good as new.  The throw is a great size for snuggling and covers a good part of knackered looking sofa.

Disclaimer:  I was sent a gorgeous silk throw and cushion for the purpose of this post but all thoughts and opinions are completely my own.

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  1. The throw looks so comfy!!! I've started working from home recently. We've not long moved so at the moment I am stuck in the dinning room! Not very comfy at all. Good tips. x


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