Monday 10 March 2014

Mother's Day

March brings Mother's Day, something that is even more special now I have children to share it with.  Not only do I get to recognise the amazing woman that my mother is and the wonderful Grandma that she is to my boys, but I have an opportunity to stop and realise how lucky I am to be a Mummy to two beautiful children myself.

I always knew that I wanted children, although the number or the time frame was something I didn't need to worry about until the future, or so I thought.  Motherhood came from nowhere for me and in some ways I was lucky, never having to go through the tough times of trying without luck, or the heartbreak of loss.  The reality is that it came with its own struggles, the not knowing, the newness, the beginning of a relationship.  One day I was a girl, the next a mother, carrying a tiny human being inside of me.

Motherhood was a journey, through pregnancy, birth and those newborn days and is still a journey now, an adventure.  I have two little people that call me Mummy, that make me question everything I thought I knew, and every part of me.  Two children that want cuddles from their mummy before bed, who want to hold my hands as we walk, who want to snuggle with me on the sofa.  Two children that need me to teach them, to cook for them, to fix their woes and kiss every hurt better.  Two children that need me as much as I need them.

This Mother's day I will not get to see my own Mummy, I will spend part of it high in the sky and the rest enjoying the cold snow down in France and I can't wait.  A lie in would have been my gift of choice but with a 6am flight it is completely off the cards.  I will get to spend my whole day with the people that make me a Mummy though, the boys who make me proud to be one every single day and surely that is the most important thing.

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  1. Lovely words Bex. Have a fab day, you deserve it xxx

  2. aww x I know exactly what you mean ;) It is lovely to celebrate being a mummy! xx


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