Thursday 13 March 2014

Turning 30

I need to start by clarifying that it is not me, I am still twenty six and a half and in no rush to meet the next milestone.  This weekend though, saw the bloke turning 30 and in his usual laid back style, it was rather low key.

I asked what he wanted to do; a party, a big night out, a fun day activity, a night away, but his answer? Maybe a lunch out.  As the end of our month is so busy with a break at Butlins and a holiday with Snowbizz, having a quiet family birthday was actually really nice and the beautiful weather made it even better.

After a quiet(ish) morning, mostly spend jumping and dancing on the bed to ACDC, we headed out to a lovely little pub on the seafront for a Sunday roast.  Brie and mango parcels (so delicious!), roast turkey and some pirate birthday cake meant four very full people and we worked some of the food off with a stroll down to the harbor.  It was at this point I really wished I had brought my proper camera along as it was such a gorgeous day.

We found a new local wonder, a dedicated chocolate cafe that serves hot chocolate made with fresh liquid chocolate as well as all kinds of chocolatey goodies.  Dylan loved having his own, compete with whipped cream and marshmallows!

We walked past the boats, picking out which ones we would like and talking about where we would sail to, and then went onto the arcades for some fun on the penny slot machines and the little bus ride.

And the most rock and roll part of this 30th birthday? It has to be the bloke falling asleep on the sofa by 8pm.  Turning 30 clearly takes its toll!  Although there was nothing particularly adventurous or exciting about the day, it was the perfect way to celebrate as a family.

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