Monday 17 March 2014

Making the most of it

 Since my return to work in January, our family time has been cut in half.  I only do ten hours per week in my current role, but most of that falls on a Saturday, and with the bloke being at work Monday to Friday, it gives us only one day all together.

I think we took for granted having the whole weekend, and for 11 months we had a little routine - a day to enjoy at home, have some one on one time and tidy up, and then a day to enjoy as a family.  Being back to work has forced us to prioritise though as we can't fit everything in, and we are trying to make the most of our Sundays, even if we can't do much.

Whilst we won't always go on big days out, or do anything important, the pressure is there to make that day count above all others.  It is the only chance the boys have of getting one parent's sole attention and they have both been craving some one on one time too.  I have been taking Dylan out on little 'dates' sometimes whilst the bloke has the morning with Archie and it is lovely to enjoy his company.

This weekend the sun was shining and my sandals made their first outing of the year.  After splitting off in the morning, we spent a glorious afternoon together at the seaside, complete with sandcastles, skimming stones, ice cream and a fish & chips supper.  Toes touched the sand and bare feet were dipped in the sea as we looked forward to what will hopefully be the first of many afternoons at the beach.

Archie wasn't so sure about the waves and clung on to his Daddy like a little koala bear, snuggling in for safety.  One positive of me being back to work has been seeing these two bond so well, and it was lovely seeing them exploring together.  Archie is usually a confident and energetic child, but the sea air and different surroundings seemed to chill him out and he was happiest taking it all in from the comfort of our arms.

One day a week is definitely not enough to do everything and there is far less time spent with our feet up, but it makes our time together all the more special. 


  1. Aw what lovely photos! Very lovely family!

  2. It's funny but I sometimes think that as soon as family time is limited it makes you focus on it more. We are fortunate to get two days together at weekends, but we tend to have so many jobs and things we need to cram into that small space of time. But we always try to do something together as a four each weekend, even if it's just a walk, or an extra long play at bathtime.
    Lovely photos of your family day. x

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