Saturday 29 March 2014

Butlins and Toddlers

Sometimes, my expectations are so totally exceeded that I am not sure where to begin.  As part of our role as Butlins ambassadors, we took a trip to Bognor Regis for a 5 day/4 night stay.  Six of us squashed into one car, along with suitcases, bags and a Trunki and arrived at the Shoreline hotel just before 3 on Monday afternoon.

The boys were fresh from a long nap (as were most of the adults) and we were met by the macarena playing on the loud speakers and some energetic red coats pointing us in the right direction.  Check in was simple and efficient, with only a short queue and we found our rooms up on the fourth floor.  The bloke, the boys and I in one, and my parents in the next.  Our rooms consisted of a kingsize bed in the main section, a bathroom in the middle and then a kids den with bunk beds, storage, a TV and a cot for Archie.  The room was a great size for us and it was easy to put the boys to bed at one end, but stay up with the lights on down the other, and there were two incredibly comfy chairs and a table by the floor to ceiling windows.  In the day we looked out onto the skyline pavillion, some shops, Papa Johns, the little kid's park and the sea, and by night we could see outdoor seating areas lit up and the bright lights of the evening entertainment.  Our room seemed pretty sound proof and we never heard other people and the blackout curtains worked perfectly.

Our week was spent between the arcade machines, the fairground, the splash water world, the stage and the soft play and I was amazed at how little we spent.  With the dining package included, we spent barely a thing as so much of the entertainment was included and our breakfast filled us up until dinner time.

What really stood out throughout our visit though, was the customer service.  From the moment we entered the gates to the final farewell, everyone went above and beyond to make our stay special.  From the guy who was mopping the floor in the swimming pool changing rooms who stopped to wave at the baby to the restaurant staff who brought over children's cutlery for the boys and never blinked at the horrendous mess that Archie created on the floor, they were all smiling, all helpful and always around when we needed them.  They made holidaying with small children such a great experience.

Here are a few photos from our stay - a more comprehensive review will follow very soon!


Disclaimer:  As part of our role as Butlin's Ambassadors we were given a 4 night break with a dining plan at the Bognor Regis resort but all thoughts, opinions and photographs are completely my own, and I really wasn't told to be this nice!


  1. Looks like you had a lovely time - love the photography! x

  2. It definitely looks and sounds like you had a fab time. I have to say that we were really impressed with Butlins when we went, it wasn't at all what I expected, and as you say, perfect for holidaying with little people. x

  3. Looks like a wonderful holiday, with lots of lasting memories.
    Couldn't agree more about the customer service- I automatically try to tidy the mess mine make in restaurants- every time at Butlins someone came over to tell me to leave it! Fantastic.

  4. As an American I have never heard of Butlins until I moved to England of course. Everyone seems to rave about it. I am dying to take my two little ones. Your photos look fab and looks like everyone had a fantastic time. Glad it went so well for you all. What a great opportunity to spend quality family time and get to review it. Great review my lovely. You two are so cute by the way in those middle pictures.

  5. I had doubts about taking my grandchildren to a holiday camp but reading this review has given me food for thought. Very interesting.


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