Monday 3 March 2014

Playmobil 123

There are some toys that our children will love for a few months and then we pass them on to family and friends, or put them in the loft ready for a future baby, but there are also those that really stand the test of time.  Playmobil is one of those things that will capture imaginations from as young as 18 months, and still be interesting many years later.  It is the kind of toy I have already earmarked for the grandchildren, as the toys are classic, timeless and hardwearing.

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Playmobil 123 is the range for under 5s, and we were sent some for Dylan last month.  It is hard wearing enough to cope with a teething twelve month old, but actually we tend to keep it in Dylan's bedroom, as this is the perfect toy to keep him occupied.  He will spend ages lying on his floor, imagining a little plastic world.  He is quiet and calm and I can leave him to it.  I see him moving the people around the park, feeding the animals, and I see his amazing imagination in all its glory.

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These photos show five seperate sets, but they all work together so it is easy to build up a collection.  Dylan loves the little park, and putting the little people on the swing and slide, and Archie has a fascination with the crane, and brums it round the house whenever he gets a chance.

I love this range and would highly recommend Playmobil toddler range.  It is such a classic set of toys and great for little imaginations.  The toys featured above are:

Meadow Path - £14.99
Convertible Car - £6.99
Park Playground (Dylan's Favourite) - £9.99
Tow Truck - £8.99

Disclaimer:  We were sent these sets as part of our role as Playmobil Playologists 
but all thoughts, opinions and photos are completely my own.

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  1. These look like a lot of fun!!!! Gorgeous pictures of your cute little ones playing with them. They look like they are in a great happy place together. My two would be throwing them at each other and eating them. hahaha So cute. Great review hun!


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