Monday 24 March 2014

Baby Led Weaning at 13 Months

I has been nearly 8 months since Archie had his first taste of anything other than milk, and we have come a long way from bread-sticks and bananas (although they are still firm favourites).  Nowadays my little man loves Pizza, curry, pasta and lasagne amongst other things and we have stuck with a mostly baby led approach.

Yoghurts, rice and similarly messy non finger foods are fed from a spoon, and although Archie is usually more than happy with this if it means the food makes it into his mouth, there are times when little ninja hands strike, throwing food all over the highchair/ floor/ anyone standing close by.

At 13 months, we are finally moving on from food laid out on a tray, and with the little dude now sitting up at the table, we decided it was time to reintroduce some utensils.  All previous attempts at using bowls or plates have ended with them promptly having the contents tipped onto the highchair before being flung in a random direction, but it is time Archie learnt to eat from a plate, and master a spoon.

Fisher Price sent us some of their new range  of feeding bits, and it came at just the right time as Archie is starting to get there.  All the time his bowl has food in it, then he is happy to have it within arm's reach and the colour changing heat-sensitivity makes it easy for me to know when he can have it.  He isn't really using a spoon as it was designed yet, although he has a good go, but he loves the funky fruit and veg shaped spoons and happily bashes them around.  He has more success loading them and attempting to feed me with it than he does himself still but persistence is key now and hopefully it won't be long before he masters the cutlery. 

Archie has always been a bit lazy with his water, gulping it down when I hold it to his mouth, but not bothered enough to pick it up himself.  It probably hasn't helped that we use mostly toddler cups rather than the baby ones with handles, but the new stacking fisher price cups have made things much easy for him as the big handles are easy to grip.  They are also very easy to store which is important if your kitchen is as little as ours!

I have a feeling Archie is going to be much like his brother, and an easy child when it comes to food.  Neither are fussy eaters, and both love their fruit and vegetables.  I also think I am going to be at the supermarket every other day by the time they are both teenagers if they keep up at this rate!

The sippy cups are available as a 2 pack for £7.49, the soft grip spoons are £4.99 for a four pack (4 different fruit and veg) and the heat sensitive bowls are £9.99 for a pack of three - All exclusively at Boots

When did your little one start using a spoon properly?

Disclaimer:  We were sent some Fisher Price foodie bits for the purpose of this post, 
but all thoughts and opinions are completely my own. 


  1. Aria has pretty much went baby led weaning on her own. It's been easier this way. Archie is so cute x

  2. Aw so cute and great he's done so well with BLW. We're offering our six month old puree's just now but also letting him try tiny squashed pieces of sweet potato on a tray. So fun, but messy haha x

  3. Looks like he is enjoying his new plates and spoons :) I think Amelia started around the 10 month mark but as we were breastfeeding she didnt really eat much at all.

    Oh So Amelia

  4. He looks like he is doing so well with the weaning nowadays Bex. LL is a bit funny with some finger food stuff, but she pretty much eats anything- except fruit! So weird as Mads lives on fruit, but LL just won't eat any of it. Strange child. Can you believe how big our babies are now? x

  5. Love all the photos of archie. So cute. What a big boy using utensils. Missy Moo has gone the baby led weaning way whereas Buba never wanted to eat solids until he was older and even then was a struggle. We haven't quite used utensils yet with MM as she just flies her arms about way too excitedly. My walls get covered. lovely post he looks so grown up at the table with his new feeding tools!!! :)

  6. BLW is so fun, we plan to do it straight from 6 months next time round!

    Kerry @ Lived With Love | Parenting & Lifestyle Blog


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