Monday 10 June 2013

Wonderful Words

There is nothing more frustrating than not being able to explain what is wrong.  A lack of communication can cause no end of problems and life as a toddler is tougher than we give them credit for. So maybe they do get to ride around in comfy chariots, snack throughout the day and nap every afternoon.  Maybe they  do have a pair of adults running around after them making sure they have everything they need - it doesn't always mean they can let us know what they need.

Dylan's vocabulary is growing daily and he is always amazing me by using a word I had no idea he could say.     He is desperate to learn more about the world around him and is a little sponge, taking everything in.  With his new words, comes a better communication and I am learning more about him all the time

He becomes cheekier every day and he can let me know that something is broken, that he wants help, that he needs reassurance, that he is hurt and that he is tired. I still need to read his cues, but he helps me by vocalising his thoughts.  When we play, there is conversation.  Gone are the days of my voice filling the silence, Dylan chats away and sings along warming the room with his beautiful voice.

We still have a long way to go and with the increase in vocabulary we are also seeing an increase in frustration and tantrums as he still doesn't have the words to vocalise everything he wants to say.  Sometimes his pronunciation is not quite right and it takes me several guesses to correctly work out quite what he is on about.

Some of his mis-spronunciations make me giggle on a daily basis.  He often asks for a cheese and ham 'wosinge' rather than a sandwich and he loves to dance around to his 'shit-kick' as opposed to music.  As his speech improves some of those cute baby words are turning into real understandable ones though and I miss the cute variations that we once heard.

Every day he is learning, repeating and understanding more than ever before and his language is turning him from a baby into a little boy.  He has become more assertive, more determined and more interested in everything and he revels in learning about the world.  His words help me see it through fresh eyes as he wonders at a leaf falling from a tree or the animals he can see in the clouds.

With language comes power and Dylan is certainly learning his.


  1. Love this post Bex. My little girl is about 3 weeks younger than Dylan so it's all very familiar to me. Peter rabbit is on the TV just now and Posey is pointing and saying 'Babbitt! Cawwot!' Love it x

  2. I feel sad about the way the baby language disappears a bit to be replaced by proper pronunciation. Our little man mispronounced his baby sisters name right from when she was born, and I was so proud when he suddenly got it right, but then found myself wishing I had recorded his way of saying her name so that we could remember for years to come. x

  3. CK was quite late to talk but when he did there was no stopping him. I missed the baby talk but live in amazement at the words he knows and uses. I love having conversations with him and his German puts mine to shame now. He's way better than me.

  4. This is a lovely post Becky. Mads has always been very advanced in terms of speaking, but she still gets some words wrong which I don't correct her on anymore cause I think they are really cute. Like Hula Loops instead of hoops and Bum Ma instead of Grandma! x

  5. Oh I so so relate to this. Aaron used to say "bufferly" but now says "butterfly".

    He used to say lots of things slightly wrong and I miss it.

    I hold on dearly now to the fact that he says "fisk it" instead of "fix it" and "ta-po-to" instead of potato. I have to hold on to those as he speech is very nearly perfect now :-(

    My baby boy is no longer a baby - lucky you to have a baby in the wings :-)

    Liska x

  6. Ah I am just writing a post of the latest funny things Iyla has said, it's so cute when they get things a bit wrong. She used to call things another name for no reason at all and I've forgotten them now which is a shame. I think it definitely helps them to not be frustrated when they can tell you what they want x

  7. No matter how exciting you know it's going to be when they start talking, it's still mind-blowing when they do! I've found signing has really helped ease Talitha's frustration at not being understood because she was able to communicate most things she wanted long before she had the language for them. Even now, signs help when she's unclear. But even if she can communicate it, there's still frustration over her not understanding why I won't let her do things or over the general gap in logic! It's so exciting how quickly they're changing!

  8. A wonderful post. My 22mo is speaking so clearly now, and as excited as I was to finally hear Mommy (at 20 months), I miss hearing "Dattee", which was my name -very distinct from daddy. I hold tight to hih-i-ee (fix it please) and hit-mow (open) they too will disappear soon!

  9. A wonderful post. My 22mo is speaking so clearly now, and as excited as I was to finally hear Mommy (at 20 months), I miss hearing "Dattee", which was my name -very distinct from daddy. I hold tight to hih-i-ee (fix it please) and hit-mow (open) they too will disappear soon!


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