Thursday 20 June 2013

3 years ago

3 years ago, I was young, single and carefree.

3 years ago I was packing for a rock festival, preparing myself to see the awesome ACDC, Aerosmith, Rage against the Machine, Megadeath and more.

3 years ago I had no idea where the future would take me, what I wanted to do with myself and who I would become,

3 years ago I thought I had the whole world at my fingertips.

Some relationships take years to develop.  Some couples know each other for decades before realising what they have found.  Some only take weeks.

Sometimes life throws you in one direction even when you were steering a different course.  

3 years ago a girl met a boy.  They camped, they watched music, they danced, they sang along, they drunk rather too much.  3 years ago I had no idea.

3 years later and I have found a man I truly love.  One who looks after me, provides for me and loves me.  A best friend.

3 years later, and we have two beautiful boys of our own. Two blue eyed babies who filled a space in our hearts that we didn't even know existed.

3 years later and we are a family.

We may not have taken the traditional route, we may not have had a plan but would we change anything?  Hell no!

It is strange to look back at the boy and girl we once were as it was not that long ago, yet everything has changed. 3 years ago I was taking the first steps that would lead me to where I am now and I would take them over and over and over again.

3 exciting, eventful, exhilerating, emotional and extraordinary years.


  1. I had no idea you were such a rock fan! Brilliant! We have no plan either, best way I say! Congrats on celebrating 3 years together xx

  2. Is that really you? With the pink hair? Haven't you changed so much. You know, sometimes love creeps up on after after many years of knowing someone and at other times it's BOOM! You have a gorgeous family to proud of x

  3. Brilliant! I have been been thinking back to four years ago this week as its when the pre children Dad2BabyInsomniac would have been getting ready to go to Glastonbury festival. Back then our lives were so different but I wouldn't change things for anything. Kids are better than any festival! Although I still wish I was going! X

  4. This is a lovely post Bex and you seem such a happy family. It is crazy that so much has happened in three years for you- I wonder what the next three will bring? x

  5. You look so different! I think the pink should come back ;)

    Lovely post and I hope the next 3 years brings you lots of happiness

  6. Awww x that is so lovely! Amazingly how much life can change in just a few short years! xxx

  7. Waw! I hardly recognised you! You and your blog surely does not scream you are a rock fan! Congratulations on your adorable family. Me and partner also only met 3 years ago, and life can change a lot in 3 years! Happy to know you are so happy to :) Your blog is brilliant by the way!

  8. You looks so different...I love your pink hair! Isn't is crazy to think how much changes so quickly and what a gorgeous photo of your family now xx


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