Monday 17 June 2013

Legoland Day Out

I was over the moon to find out that I was a finalist in the 'best pregnancy blog' category for the 2013 MAD blog awards earlier this year, and when they announced a trip to Legoland for all the shortlisted bloggers and their families, the little kid inside me was jumping around in delight.  

The day finally arrived and well rested after staying in a hotel the night before, we made it to the Legoland hotel for 8am.  We had an exclusive screeing of the new Chima 4d movie before the park even opened and then we were let loose with the most amazing wrist bands ever.  Not only could we use the Q-bot entrances all day, if the ride didn't have one, we simply show up at the exit, flash our gold bands and got straight on the rides! This was priceless with a toddler who has no concept of patience.

Taken by the lovely K from My Two Mums

We went on rides, got soaked to the skin, enjoyed delicious pizza and made the most of synchronised napping by getting on the big rides.  We spent the day with the gorgeous Monkey and his lovely two mums and it was lovely to see and speak to so many of my favourite bloggers and online friends.  

The park was so family friendly that even Archie managed a couple of rides, although he didn't look terribly amused by the experience.

photo by K at My Two Mums

As the afternoon went on, the weather brightened up and we made the most of it by splashing around in the new Duplo valley.

lego duplo valley, legoland water park, legoland splash

Dylan was apprehensive to start with and the weather was on the cold side but he soon warmed up to it (with a little encouragement) and enjoyed the freedom of running around with some of the other blogger children.

Photo by K at My Two Mums

We had a fabulous day and when we finally got home on Sunday night we were all completely shattered!  Thanks so much to The Mad blog awards, Tots100 and Legoland for organising this day out.


  1. Was lovely to meet you briefly before my children double drenched me on the flume ;) xx

  2. Was great to meet you! Lovely little family :) x

  3. Was great to meet you! Lovely little family :) x

  4. It was such a great day. I wasn't sure the kids would get much from it being so little, but my little man had a fantastic time. It's was lovely to see you even if it was a bit fleetingly. Love the photo of the four of you. Well done K. x

  5. What beautiful photography. Lovely that you had such a wonderful time.
    See you at Brit Mums Live :-)
    Liska xxx

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  7. Love the photos, looks like you had a great time.

  8. It was lovely to meet you briefly! I'm so glad the sun came out for the afternoon, it made things a lot nicer and the VIP bands were literally amazing. I don't think I ever want to go to a theme park without one again! x


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