Wednesday 1 May 2013

A Father and Son

With the newest member of the family being exclusively breastfed, it means that any one-on-one time with the boys is often Archie with me, and the bloke with Dylan.  There are upsides and downsides to this but at the moment I am loving watching the bond grow between my son and his father.

They are as thick as thieves as I see the bloke sneaking Dylan chocolate raisins behind my back and there is constant giggling coming from them when they are together.  Their bedtime routine now involves a 'flip' as Dylan is somersaulted over the bloke as they lie on the floor, and flying superman-style up the stairs.

father and son, toddler and daddy
say Cheese!
Daddy has always been in charge of bath time, and I can guarantee that by the end both boys will be completely worn out, and that my bathroom floor will be soaked! It is their time to unwind after the day and the excitement on Dylan's face when we suggest it is bathtime is lovely to see as he scrambles up the stairs as fast as he can. 

The boys have their own games, their own words and their own special moments and as Dylan's language grows I can only see the bond between them getting stronger. The bloke is a great dad with a baby but I can see that he is in his element with a walking talking toddler to play with.  

I am loving having bonding time with Archie and I know that once he is a little more independent he will join the boy's club and I will be left looking on.  Luckily I love to watch my boys, and I may get to drink my tea in peace then!

Did you find that your partner bonded more during the toddler years?


  1. Definitely! We have a kind of agreement where I do all the baby stuff, which I do anyway as I'm breastfeeding and he does most things with Iyla. He said the other day that he is waiting for Jobey to get to about one because then he will be much more fun. He didn't really help much with Iyla until then either. He has never changed a newborn nappy! Weirdly he prefers doing Iyla's nappies now, give me a yoghurty newborn poo over a toddler stinky poo anyday! x

  2. That is so sweet to see! Even though I only have one, I can see the bond growing between my daughter and her father. They have their own little routines and jokes between them. He's a lot rougher with her than I am when they're playing and I may flinch but she loves it! I love seeing my two favourite people having fun together.

  3. Yes! It's exactly the same in our house. I often feel left out and am not allowed in the toddler's bedroom sometimes ... I get told 'no girls'. It's lovely though.

  4. I loved reading this! My hubby has only just started being more interested in Harry and doing stuff more, now he is sitting up and more capable of things i am often left on the sofa on my own and the boys off out or upstairs on their own. It is lovely having the peace though :) x


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