Friday 10 May 2013

Preparing the Nursery

At 11 weeks, Archie is one long baby boy, and we are starting to think about moving him into his own room.

He is looking a little squished in the crib and he is such a light sleeper that we end up creeping in to bed by the light of our phone torches.  Dylan was only 12 weeks when he went into his own room due to the same reasons and he slept much better once he had more space and was not interrupted.

My plan was always to have Archie's bedroom ready before he was born, as I did not envisage much time for painting and decorating once he arrived and with two under two I have to admit that the last thing I want to do once they are in bed is be painting the little man's nursery.  Luckily I had time to paint the walls, get the new carpet in and build the nursery furniture before the birth.

All the groundwork is done and I have wall art and bedding sorted, but the room has still not come together.  We still have not decided on whether to go for curtains or blinds.  Web Blinds have some fantastic black out blinds (and I credit Dylan's late morning lie-ins to these ), or we could get some curtains that fit the theme of the room.

I still want a few little decorations to make the room complete and we still need to purchase the rather important cot mattress too but I am hoping that by the end of the month, the little guy will have his very own beautiful nursery ready for him. (A full nursery tour will be up as soon as it is finished)  I want to keep him in with us for as long as possible but it won't be long before he is touching both ends of the crib!

When did you move your child into their own room?

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  1. We moved CK in to his room at 12 weeks too. But because he was such a noisy sleeper. He used to snore and laugh really loudly in his sleep. BB is 16 weeks now and I'm in no rush to move him. Partly because he's no bother whatsoever and partly because I'm not ready to admit that he's no longer my newborn.

  2. Put a neutral cream or white black out blind under nursery themed curtains


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