Friday 17 May 2013

'That Mum'

 I am 'that mum'. 

The one who dresses her children in silly outfits for her own pleasure.  I know full well that by the time they reach their teens they may hate me for all the photos, but I am hoping that it gives me a bit of levarage when we are battling about homework to threaten to expose the picture of them as a baby in bunny ears.

I doesn't help that there are so many gorgeous little outfits out there nowadays.  

If we were not supposed to dress our babies up then they really shouldn't sell these things!

What are your views on babies in silly outfits?


  1. Haha soooooo cute!! My brother regularly buys my boy things like this. The most wacky of which is a fluffy bunny costume in light blue, with ears!

  2. This really is one of the best outfits ever. I'm inspired to dress my little ones up a bit more often now :-)

  3. Love them the sillier the better! xx

  4. Oh what a fabulous frog - I'm not sure he's completely convinced though ;-)

    Would love to see you at this week's Baby Shower link up, Alice x

  5. Well as you know, I have this very same outfit so I'm with you! x

  6. Love the outfit! I have a very similar one for Little Mr, I'm sure he's gonna be well impressed when he's older lol x

  7. Let's do it while we can! :0) love his outfit! Too cute! x


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