Tuesday 30 April 2013

Tomy Baby Monitor Review

We made the decision with Archie to start putting him upstairs to bed at only 6 weeks old.  Unlike his big brother who slept on and off all evening for the first few months, Archie was putting himself into such a deep sleep from around 7pm that I was waking him up to take him to bed when I got tired.  It seemed to be that he wanted the routine of a bedtime so reluctantly I gave up my cosy evening cuddles and started taking him upstairs with Dylan at 7.

I won't lie, it was lovely to reclaim our evenings without worrying about disturbing the little guy and he sleeps much better in the dark, quiet room than he did with the TV on in the background and the bloke and I chatting away.  With our room being at the opposite end of the house to the front room though, it meant a baby monitor was necessary.   Our last monitor had such a loud background noise that we happily binned it as soon as we realised we could hear Dylan just as loudly without it, so when I had an email asking if I wanted to try the Tomy TF525 I was looking forward to testing it out.

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The monitor has a portable parent device that not only listens in on the baby but also tells you the temperature of their room too - this means if I notice it getting colder in the bedroom I can pop up and cover Archie with a blanket. 

The monitor also has a built in night light, perfect for those inevitable middle of the night feeds as I make sure not to turn any main lights on in the night so the baby stays nice and sleepy.  The monitor also plays several soothing lullabies that can be controlled by the parent unit and it  can be used as a walkie talkie (not that we have ever done this of course! ;)  )  to reassure the child from downstairs.  I love this feature as occasionally a large shhhh - ing sound can settle Archie back to sleep. 

What I was most impressed with though, is how quiet the monitor is.  There is absolutely no background noise so I  know that when we are ready to move Archie to his own room, I will not be kept awake by the buzzing of a monitor by my bed.  

The monitor has several noise settings as well as lights to indicate sound coming from babies room and comes complete with a rechargeable battery for the parent unit as well as a wire to plug it in to the socket.  The parent unit has a low battery and out of range alarm for reassurance and comes with a two year guarantee.

I am really impressed with the monitor and my baby-free evenings are relaxed knowing I can hear exactly what the little man is up to upstairs.  The monitor retails at £49.99 - a great price for such a functional monitor and can be bought from the Tomy Website

Disclaimer:  I was provided with a baby monitor for the purpose of this review but all thoughts and opinions are completely my own.


  1. I need to get a new monitor and will be looking more into it! It sounds fantastic and i love the fact it tell's the room temperature and all the other extras x


  2. Love the rechargeable battery feature. How energy efficient is it? That's an issue we have with ours...not that we really need it anymore!

  3. How good is the night light? Does it provide quite a lot of light on its brightest setting? I've read reviews about some not really providing enough light to be able to see enough for night feeds! Also which part lights up.. is it the whole base of main unit? Thank you!

  4. Hi, I have just brought one of these and the night light isgood and great that you can change how bright/dim it is. It is the whole bottom base that lights up with a white light (think I would have preferred a warmer yellowish light but is still good) - my only niggle about it is the power button on the top lights up green and is quite bright so without the nightlight on you still have a slight nightlight and if you have the parent unit turned off the main light flashes green and red - I haven't tried this at night yet but think it may annoy me but may cover it while baby is in our room as microphone for picking up sound sticks out the back so covering shouldn't effect sound pick up. I have emailed Tomy though to see if the light turns off after a while or not!

    1. I will add, I first brought a Motorola which feature wise was identical but the nightlight as pointless.. I actually have them both sat here deciding which is best but Tomy has much better sound pick up for parent unit too. Lullabies on Motorola can be turned down whereas on Tomy they are one set volume which personally would have preferred to be slightly quieter and the power light on Motorola is much less obtrusive but I think I will keep the Tomy due to the better nightlight and the better /quicker sound response to parent unit. I haven't used it enough to comment on battery life of parent unit as only been playing with it on and off myself today. I haven't tried but I wonder if you could have it plugged in and turned on in another room and simply unplug when you want to go in another room perhaps? I may try this tomorrow but that would extend battery life

  5. like the rechargeable battery feature, batteries cost a fortune!


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