Tuesday 21 May 2013

Grown Up Style

I have spent a busy weekend sorting out my wardrobe, and painful as it was, I now have several bags of clothes to take to the charity shop.  It turns out that the last time I cleared out my wardrobe was quite some time ago and as well as having two children in those years, I have also changed body size, body shape and style.  I am no longer a carefree student but a mother of two.

I don't believe that being a parent should change the way I dress, but it does.  Some things just aren't practical any more and some things I just feel far too old for.  Although I still love to throw on a pair of baggy jeans and a slogan T-shirt, or a little summer skirt and vest, I now have to check that what I wear is easy to breastfeed in and is practical for running round after a toddler and bending down to pick him up.

My staple winter wardrobe appears to be skinny jeans, vest, and baggy jumper and whilst it is certainly comfortable, the 'me' of five years ago would have found it incredibly boring.  My summer style is looking to be pretty summer dresses with cropped leggings or vests and shorts, so that I can happily keep up with my troublesome duo.

It is inevitable that our style will change as we grow up, and sadly my days of cropped tops are long gone ( thanks to the two 8lb+ babies I carried!)  but I am determined not to dress old before my time.  My wardrobe now resembles something more fitting for my lifestyle rather than looking like I am still at Uni, and I am wondering whether I should buy a few bits to fill all the empty hangars now?!

Have you found your style has naturally evolved since becoming a parent or do you still dress the same as ever?

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  1. Goodness me yes! I was a little Goth chick in my youth {in my early 20's}. I was all little punk skirts, chains on my tops, army combats trousers, black trench coats and like you the baggy jeans and slogan tee's...the lot!

    Nowadays its skinny jeans, and whatever top I feel comfy in that day! I've had 5 sprouts, so my body shape/size has changed dramatically! Only now trying to trim it down a few sizes ;) x

  2. Yes, sadly! I have adopted a mummy uniform (I blogged about it a while ago http://mummyandthemonsters.blogspot.co.uk/2012/07/stepping-out-of-mummy-uniform.html) I tend to pull on the same kind of thing because its comfy and practical. Before I had kids it never crossed my mind how I would have to change my style!

    Kerri x

  3. I am totally about the leggings/leggings anything that doesn't require desperately trying to button up over a baby belly. No matter what I do now I will always look a little bit pregnant! I don't mind
    though I believe after carrying a baby for 9 months and labouring for 20 hours entitles me to be proud of my slightly protruding stomach :)

  4. I used to live in 3 or 4" heels day in day out. Now last time I wore heels was my sons christening for a few hrs then I had to put my flip flops back on.

    I constantly live in leggings or jeans these days, cant say I like it though!

  5. I'd really like a bit of a style overhaul! I still try to be stylish but it's really hard to know what I can wear now, style, comfort, price, body shape, nightmare! ( I actually did have a nightmare last night that I was horrendously fat!) x


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