Monday 27 May 2013

15 Things I Love

I love getting into a bed when the sheets have just been changed.  Especially if they are white.

I love watching Dylan dance

I love travelling on a train by myself, reading a good book, staring out the window and just being in my own company.

I love creme eggs, no matter what time of year.

I love long walks along the seafront.

I love having coca cola and cake  in our favourite cafe.

I love listening to Archie's perfect little laugh.

I love watching my babies interact with each other.

I love slippers (all year round) and have a pair in every room so I never have to search for them.

I love writing

I love making memories, and taking photographs in-case we ever forget those special little details.

I love to daydream

I love wearing Archie in a sling as I get to spend the whole day cuddling him.

I love the face Dylan pulls when you ask him to smile.

I love my slightly silly, ever so gorgeous and completely crazy family.

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  1. This is such a beautiful post. I love reading posts like this. It is so very important to treasure every moment with your children and never ever take them for granted.

    I was sitting in bed sobbing over having to be away from my children before I read this. Your post stopped my tears. Thankyou for that. I love a lot of the same things as you. Xx

    1. aww thanks you. I am so happy you can hold your children again now x

  2. What a lovely post. Love how your boys interact with each other, so cute!

    1. me too, it is amazing watching them x

  3. ooh yes - fresh sheets, toddler dancing and seafront walks... makes it all worth it! Well, that and the gin... lol xxx

    1. I missed off the gin although for me it would have to be some fruity cider


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