Friday 19 April 2013

My Perfect Double Pushchair - Bugaboo Donkey Review

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When we found out we were having a second little baby boy, I started thinking about double pushchairs.  I knew that my perfect double pushchair would have a lovely spacious carrycot for my newborn with a soft mattress and it would be nice and long so that the baby could stay snug and cosy for longer.  I knew that the toddler seat would be able to face me as Dylan loves to have a chat as we walk.  I knew it would work as a single so that we could use it still once Dylan was walking more and would be easy to attach a buggy board to.  I knew that the basket would be huge so that I didn't need to carry a nappy bag and it would be nice and accessible.  I knew that the buggy would have to fit on a bus as we don't drive and it would have to be light to steer as we walk a lot. It would need an adjustable handlebar as Ed and I are both tall and this would make life so much easier. Bugaboo donkey

 Turns out I am very demanding as I wanted a lot of things from my double pushchair and most of the ones on offer didn't tick very many of my boxes! 

bugaboo donkey review, double pushchair,
Proudly showing off his ' bubba'

What I didn't expect was to find everything I was looking for in one pushchair.  I was expecting to have to compromise something as double buggies are notoriously difficult but it seems there is one that had everything I was looking for - The Bugaboo Donkey.

It may not be the cheapest on the market, but in my eyes it is more than worth it for such a beautiful pushchair.   Bugaboo have really thought of everything!  The Donkey has three options, Mono, duo and twin depending on how you wish to use it.  In single mode, there is a lovely basket that fits next to the seat or carrycot, which is perfect for shopping. With the help of three single catches, the pushchair transforms into a double and I can have a carrycot and seat, two carrycots or two seats, either parent facing or world facing.  Having Dylan parent facing is very important to me as he loves to talk as we walk and I love our little conversations, pointing out cars, flowers and doors!

bugaboo donkey,, double pushchair

The seat unit looks very comfortable and is lovely and spacious.  Dylan is by no means a small 20 month old (15kg)  and he has plenty of growing room left.  It has 3 recline positions, including lie flat which is perfect for nap time and a very upright one which I am really impressed with as Dylan loves to sit up straight and not a lot of pushchairs accommodate for this.  The 5 point harness is easily adjustable and the shoulder height can be changed without any hassle.

The carrycot is lovely and long and Archie looks like he will be in it for quite some time.  The interior is so soft it seems wrong to put a sheet on the mattress!  It has a lovely big hood (as does the seat unit) and an easily removable apron, which is zipped on at the end, making it easy to take off and put on when taking the baby out without having to hold it.  We have found the rain covers tough to get on, and it took a while to get the knack of it but once on they are on they are very secure even with strong winds.

bugaboo donkey, asleep in double buggy, large toddler in bugaboo,

We have really put the donkey to the test and as well as using it on all terrains (and always being impressed at how smooth it is), I have used it as a double on the bus, train and in taxis.  I can wheel it into a London cab without folding it down no problem, and it pushes straight onto the bus as well.  The adjustable handle bar can be pushed right down so the Donkey can fit in much smaller spaces than expected.  The handlebar has several positions including a lovely high one which is perfect for tall men like the bloke.

The biggest issue I have had with the pushchair is the amount of time I am stopped in the street! Every single time without fail that we are out, we get asked what it is and where they can get one.  I am constantly met with appreciative stares and everyone wants to get their hands on a Donkey once they have seen it in the flesh.  I have even had someone pull over their car on the side of the road to enquire where she could get such a pushchair!

Bugaboo donkey, double pushchair,
In Mono mode

The donkey comes in several colour options and with Bugaboo recently announcing a partnership with the Andy Warhol Foundation, you will be able to customise to your hearts content with the new hood/apron designs they are releasing!

The bloke is currently refusing to use any other pushchair as he too shares my love of the Bugaboo Donkey, and he loves how light it is to push (even with both boys he can push it up a hill with one finger), how high the handlebar goes and that even with a long stride he is not treading on anything. He also loves how huge the underneath basket it - even my pink lining twins bag fits comfortably underneath, so he is not left with a girly nappy bag to carry around.

I cannot think of a single thing I would change with the Bugaboo donkey.  Bugaboo have clearly thought this one through as it has everything you look for in a pushchair, and then some more.  I cannot recommend it highly enough!

Bugaboo donkey, perfect double pushchair, Bugaboo, side by side double,
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Disclaimer:  I was loaned a Bugaboo Donkey for the purpose of this review but I have received no financial compensation for writing this post.  The love is completely my own!


  1. There is simply nothing to complain about with the Donkey which is why I write about it all the time on my own blog. It's perfect and yep, the push is amazing! To use any other double is a compromise I'm just not prepared to make thank you very much and as a single it's THE best with the brilliant basket! I love all Bugaboo's and the Donkey doesn't lose any of their qualities for being a double! And yep, pushing on makes a celebrity out of you doesn't it! I LOVE it (and all the attention -I'm a bit like that, ha ha!;-))

  2. great review i had wondered what this pushchair was like and you have made it sound very appealing thank you :)


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