Tuesday 30 April 2013


There are days when I look at my boys with an overwhelming sense of pride.  Every day Dylan learns something new and I am amazed and in awe of his new skills. It doesn't matter if every other 20 month old can do it already or not, seeing my son do something for the first time will always be special, from his first smile, to those first wobbly steps to the first time he pronounces the 'm' properly in milk. 

Today Dylan said 'please' and 'thank-you' in all the right places and I was so proud of his beautiful manners.  He knows the words and often uses them (with a little encouragement) but today he needed no prompting.  Manners are very important to me and I want my children to be polite young people as they grow up. 

We went to the park this afternoon and for the first time Dylan played on the equipment independently   His confidence in climbing has come on so much these last few weeks and as well as climbing up and down the stairs, he also climbed up and slid down the slide without any help.  It may sound like a little thing to anyone else but it felt like I was watching my baby boy grow up before my eyes.  

I am so proud of how well Dylan has taken on his role of big brother.  I have never once seen jealousy and Dylan is always giving kisses and cuddles to his little brother.  His eyes light up when Archie looks his way and he comes over straight away to play with him.  I am so proud that he is taking it all in his stride and I love that Dylan found so much space for this new little person in his heart like we did.

brothers, big brother, proud of son, big brother t-shirt
I made them!
I love to see him master a new skill and the look of satisfaction in his face as he realises there is yet another part of life that he can now explore.  I love to see the wonder in his eyes as he realises that he can do it all on his own and I love the intelligent, inquisitive and loving child my son is turning into.

I am so proud of my little boy and so excited to see the man he will turn into - complete with excellent manners I hope!


  1. Bless what a lovely post and such gorgeous boys x

  2. Ahhh bless him. I think manners are so important, and have always said that if my children learn nothing else then they WILL learn good manners. x

  3. Absoulutly lovley post and it doesnt matter if charley does what every one year old i'm just the same its amazing to see your own child grow up and lovely to see how lovely he is towards his baby brother

  4. Lovely post! you should be proud of yourself too- I have no idea how you manage, I just about cope with the 20 month old, without the addition of a tiddler too! :)

  5. What beautiful boys you have! So lovely to see his has great manners already x


  6. Your boys are so gorgeous x hope mine grows up to be polite! Sort of reckon she's got her heart set on world domination though... :/ lol xxx lovely post xxx

  7. Manners are so important to me too, and I am really proud of the way Mads says please and thank you. She can be a terror at times but she is always very polite and I love that about her! ;) x

  8. You have every right to be proud! You have two gorgeous, wonderful little men there and you made them! You write so beautifully that you really do infect all of us reading with your words and we can't help but agree! Dylan is lovely and I'm sure his great attitude will help his brother become someone similar. Give yourself a huge pat on the back and treat yourself to a Twirl breakfast!

  9. Today I burped and Talitha told me to say "Pardon me"!! I'm glad her childminder's teaching her better manners than I am!

  10. so refreshing to see good manners at any age


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