Tuesday 9 April 2013

Jeanography Review

Having had a baby only seven weeks ago, I am certainly not feeling my best.  The bags under my eyes seem to have settled in for the long run and it is proving rather challenging finding time to get dressed every day let alone style myself a nice outfit!  As for going shopping, you clearly have not met my boys- they work as a tag team and the toddler has far too much energy to be let loose and far too long arms to be confined to the pushchair.  This has meant that since having Archie I have yet to hang up my maternity jeans!

Jeanography offer a service called Fit First Time, where you can shop online for jeans with a little help from their wonderful guides, and pick three pairs to be delivered to your house free of charge.  Once you have them, you can try them on in the peace of your own home once the children are in bed, and with all your own mirrors to see how they look.  Once you have chosen which pair are the right ones, you can return the other two completely free of charge, and then pay for your new jeans!

I have always struggled to find jeans that are a good fit on me and I find many high street brands cater for one particular shape - which I am very often not.  Jeanography has information about the fit and there seemed to be something for everyone.

I tested out the service this week and was so impressed.  I spent a while browsing the different styles, brands and designs before settling on three pairs that I really couldn't choose between, Hudson Jeans Signature Regular Rise Bootcut in GowerJames Jeans Twiggy Mid Rise Legging in Blue Black and Hudson Jeans Collin Signature Skinny in Stockport.  I picked out my size and ordered them for home delivery.  If you order before 4pm they should be with you next day but having a newborn, my hands are tied until the bloke is home and toddler in bed so I did my shopping with my feet up on the sofa and some trashy TV in the background.

I had an email early the next morning from the team, who noticed I had ordered a bigger size in one pair and letting me know they had a shipment just arrived with the smaller size in that pair if I wanted to swap - I was really impressed that they thought to do this and I decided to try the smaller size.  The jeans arrived the day after, nicely packaged and ready for me to try.  Not only did I have peace and quiet, I had the bloke to tell me which looked best and all my shoes and boots to hand to check that they were the right length for how I would want to wear them.

I loved all three pairs and thanks to the advice on the website, I had picked the perfect size in them all.  Making the decision was tough but there was one pair that seemed to fit perfectly and I fell in love.  Sending the other two pairs back was easy, and the courier collected them at a time convenient for me, free of charge.  The box that the jeans arrived in had a handy way of resealing, so there really was no hassle whatsoever!

The jeans I chose are the Hudson Jeans in Gower.  They have a bootcut which I love with my tiny heeled boots and even more with my flip flops in the summer (I am being optomistic, I know!)  Jeans are a staple part of my wardrobe as with two under two, I need something hardwearing and that goes with everything (including baby sick and tomato sauce!) and these are perfect.

I was so impressed with this service and would completely recommend it to any parents out there that just don't get to make time for themselves any more.  Shopping from the luxury of your own home with the easiest free delivery and returns I have ever come across!

Jeanography are running a fantastic competition for you to win your choice of jeans up to £250 so don't forget to enter below!

Disclaimer:  I have kept my chosen pair of jeans free of charge in exchange for writing this review but all thoughts and opinions are my own, and I honestly do love this idea so much!


  1. They look fantastic, unfortunately the link to the giveaway isn't working :-(

    1. Sorry about that, all updated now though!

  2. Wow, that's definitely the sort of service I need. (need to lose some weight first ideally). I love the Hudson jeans - they're my dream ones.

  3. I would love some Hudson jeans. I am still in my maternity jeans too as got a 6 week old and so hard to find a style that suits and fits with limited try on time. This is an excellent giveaway :-)

  4. ahhhh i just pressed to log in and all entries clicked!? i haven't done either step!
    I'll use the tweet share link at the bottom and sort the FB like too

  5. Tweeted https://twitter.com/olivia280177/status/324960798273331201 already liked the jeanography facebook xxx

  6. Love this idea ! Like you I'm in jeans all the time with a 2 year old in tow and most of mine have a hole in the knee so I could really do with a new pair ;0)


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