Wednesday 5 December 2012

Ready for Two???

I may have mentioned in my 28 Weeks Pregnant  post that I am not feeling ready for two little people to be dependent on me but the reality is that there is less than 12 weeks to go before I meet the little Squish and it becomes a reality. My days revolve around Dylan - I get up when he does, we eat our breakfast together, go to toddler groups and see other children his age.  We read books together, play games, go for walks and have lots of cuddles. These are all things that will be much more difficult with a second child around.

thumb sucking toddler, mummy cuddles, toddler
Still my baby boy

I think what scares me even more is the
memory of how much time I spent sat on the sofa in the first few months with a baby either feeding or asleep on me.  Since the day he entered the world, my life has revolved around this gorgeous blue eyed boy, and I worry he will lose half the attention when Squish comes along.  I am so excited to be able to give him a playmate, a partner in crime and a sibling to love, fight with and enjoy, but he is used to so much one on one time, how will he cope - how will I cope?

I am lucky that my little boy is great at adapting and seems to take new changes in his stride.  Swapping from boob to bottle, from bottle to cup, from gro-bag to duvet and from having me around all the time to spending two days a week with Grandma/Daddy as I work does not seem to have phased him.  Having a little brother will be the biggest change of all though and I am ever hopeful that he can cope just as well with this new development.

This week I had my first taste of two, as I babysat for a friend for nearly 8 hours.  Suddenly my priorities were split between two toddlers - two little 16 month old boys with their own individual needs and personalities.  Too young to really understand how to share and play together, but completely mobile and both wanting attention.  You may have gathered from the fact I am still here typing that I survived the experience and it even gave me fresh hope that I can manage when we have two little boys of our own in the house.

double trouble, 16 month old boys, two Dylans

Somehow I had them both fed  by 12pm and they both had a lovely afternoon nap - at the same time.  I ventured out to the park with them, and we read books and played games.  I even managed to cook them a fresh dinner with no tears or tantrums (from me or them!)  When I handed the other child back, he was in the same state that I had received  him in.  I understand of course that having two 18 months apart will be challenging in very different ways but I am gaining my confidence and I know when it comes to February and this new baby enters the world, I will have no choice but to cope.

Until then, I am trying to make the most of the time I have alone with Dylan.  I want to spoil him with attention and those precious cuddles.  I want to take him out every day and do the things that will be more difficult in three months time and I want to enjoy the luxury of only having one little person to think about when I make plans.  I am certainly not ready for two yet, but I am hopeful that in 11 weeks I just might be!


  1. Your going to be a wonderful mum of two just like you are for one! X

  2. Great post, of interest to a lot of mums I think. I don't think I will ever *feel* ready to have number two and split my time, like you say but I hope I will adapt as and when required. It will always be a scary thing but it brings so many great rewards for the family that I think it is definitely worth taking that leap into the unknown :) Good luck!

    1. I think it is too late to look back now so hopefulyl when Squish comes it will all fall into place. x

  3. I honestly think that the worrying about being ready to cope with two is worse than the reality. I was so worried about our brilliant routines being tipped off balance but you just sort of get on with it. You have no choice but to cope, so you do. And all the extra smiles and cuddles make it worth the changes.
    You'll be fab! X

    1. You seems to have adapted so well I am hoping it happens as naturally here as well. I am looking forward to extra cuddles though! x

  4. I worry about this so much too, I can't help it. I had it in my head that Mads was always a great sleeper, but I found some emails to a friend of mine talking about her sleep and I was saying that at 4 weeks she was waking every 2 hours and at 8 weeks she was waking sometimes once, sometimes twice, sometimes more! aaah! I seem to have blocked everything out!
    I literally cannot wait to meet Bug, but at the same time, I want to cherish the time I have just the two and three of us because I think life is going to change very quickly!
    Like right now I am lying snuggled on the sofa and Mads is having a nap. I am sure that won't happen soon!


    1. I have been making the most of Dylan's nap times too by just doing nothing as I can only imagine any quiet time from february onwards will be a miracle!
      Dylan was up every two hours in the night at 5 months so sounds like Mads was still a good sleeper to me!

      I think we will be both be fine - I hope so anyway! x

  5. I was the same when I had my second. I was worried I couldn't love two the same and couldn't cope. But you do. It just happens and you love them just as much and they fit in and in a few weeks you feel like they were always there. x


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