Thursday 6 December 2012

Someone Special

Dylan was born into a loving family.  He has a Mummy and Daddy who would do anything for him, but on top of that he has grandparents, aunties, uncles and cousins.   He has my cousins (and there are a lot of them!), my aunties and uncles and even one great great aunty.  There is a lot of love and being the youngest member of the family he is spoilt with attention.  

One person he is very lucky to have in his life is my mum.  In fact, we are all lucky to have her - she is a wonderfully caring friend, and more importantly, the best mum and Grandma there is.  Dylan loves his Grandma and she loves him back.  Every Thursday when I go to work they have the afternoon together and he loves nothing more than exploring her house and playing with the toys I once played with all those years ago.  His eyes light up when she comes to pick him up and he is quick to wriggle out of my arms and into hers.  His language is progressing so fast at the moment it won't be long until he has 'Grandma' mastered and I am looking forward to the first time he clearly says it to her.

grandma, grandma and grandson reading

Being my mum's first grandchild, she is keen to
spoil him and his little corner of her house is filled with toys old and new, and his very own little armchair and footrest.  In the garden he has his own car and little lawnmower which he loves to push around.

I wouldn't have been able to go back to work as easily without my mum helping out and I love that they get to spend special time together every week as I really appreciate that I grew up with such a close family around me.

Bakerdays offered me one of their postbox cakes and I knew just who Dylan would want to give one too.  Their website has hundreds of designs for every occassion but we chose a beautiful superstar cake to give the special someone in his life.  The cake arrived through the post in a box that comfortably fit through our letter box and inside was the personalised cake in a tin and a little bag filled with balloons, candles and party blowers.  We waited until Grandma came to pick him up and then Dylan presented her with his little present.

Bakerdays, personalised cake, letterbox cake

Turns out something else Dylan loves about his grandma is that she is happy to share her cake! He devoured his piece in one go, worried that someone might take it away from him otherwise and my mum and I enjoyed a slice of the delicious double chocolate chip sponge as well.  I was really impressed with how it tasted considering it had travelled the British postal system and it is much much better than the cakes I can make and not dry in the slightest!  Having a personalised message on top was lovely too and there are options to have photo icing instead.

Grandma cake, posted cake, bakerdays cake

I loved the cake and I think the idea is fantastic especially as a little treat for someone who doesn't live close by as an engagement/new baby/ get well soon gift.  Whose day isn't brightened by cake?

I think Grandma really appreciated the cake and I wish I could do more to show her just how loved and valued she is by both of us.  I hope that one day my children can appreciate me the same way I appreciate my mum, and if they want to send me cake then I certainly won't be stopping them!

Disclaimer:  We were sent a Bakerdays cake free of charge but all thoughts and opinions are my own.

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  1. Awww, my little man adores his Nanny. And she adores him. I love seeing them together. I think getting to see your own parents with your children is an amazing thing. Gives you an idea of what they must have been like with a tiny version of you.
    And it's lovely that you gave her a little present to say thank-you for all she does. We like to surprise my mum with flowers every now and again. But of course, cuddles with her favourite (only) grandson is always the best gift ever. x


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