Monday 3 December 2012

28 Weeks Pregnant

I am now well and truly in the final trimester but it still feels like I have ages before baby Squish makes an appearance.  I am desperately hoping that time starts slowing down as I am not ready for two physically or mentally yet! I am thinking that once Christmas is out the way I will start getting ready for the little man so he is under strict orders to stay put until at least the first of February!

Here is my 28 week bump:

On the Outside

I am getting lots of comments about my round bump, and just like in my first pregnancy, it looks like someone has stuck a football up my top.  I think it looks quite low but it is definitely very round now.  I weighed myself for the first time since 12 weeks and I have
put on a lot more weight that I had at the same stage last time, but I am not worried as I think pregnancy is a time to enjoy.  I don't feel like I have got bigger anywhere but my tummy so maybe it is just a very heavy little boy in there!  I thought I had my fair share of stretch marks from my pregnancy with Dylan, but it seems Squish wants to leave his own lines and my rapidly expanding stomach is also getting a lot more stripy.  I am past caring about these though, and if I want to wear a bikini after having him then I will, no matter what any one else thinks,

I saw my midwife last week, who is not concerned about my size as bump is only measuring two weeks ahead.  Dylan was about 4 weeks ahead by this point but I still don't think my chances of having a small baby are very high!  I am now fully vaccinated after having the flu jab and the whooping cough and am looking forward to no more needles for a while!  

On the Inside

I am definitely starting to feel the stresses of pregnancy on my body and after a long day on my feet at work (I waitress), I cannot wait to sit down.  My back starts to ache, as do my feet.  Generally I am not struggling too much though and I can still wear Dylan in a sling on my back for short periods of time, even though he is now over 14kg.  My body is definitely preparing me for night feeds as I find my hips ache in the night and I have to turn over every hour or so - something not easy to do in my sleep any more   Luckily I am not needing to do any extra toilet trips yet though.  

The nesting instinct has definitely not begun as our house is still covered in boxes, and Squish's room is being left until after Christmas now.  My priority is sorting out downstairs so we can get our house looking festive as soon as possible!

Next update will see me at 30 weeks and on the home straight - please slow time down a little!


  1. I find that when I think of how long I have to go in weeks rather then months then it feels like baby will be here a lot sooner so maybe you need to stick to months to stop the panic settling in ha ha.

    Your bump is looking great. I've put on more weight in this pregnancy then I did in my first despite eating better generally but I don't really care. I feel like the bump is a bit of a different shape to last time but as I have very few photos from the previous pregnancy I can't be sure and doubt my memory is all that reliable these days!

    Make sure to look after yourself, I have no idea how you manage waitressing whilst pregnant?! hats off to you!

  2. Bump is looking great as usual. I have been weighing myself, but only really for the purposes of my bump diaries. I am quite happy with my weight as I haven't put anything on anywhere except bump and it is a time to enjoy yourself rather than worry. I am already heavier than I was when Mads was full term! oops! x

  3. Ah it's funny, you want time to slow down and I want it to hurry up! I can't wait for this little one to arrive! I am now too in the final trimester (I think, as the websites and books all seem to differ in what they think marks the start of the third trimester!)
    Amy x

  4. I am like you and want it to slow down a little. You look fab and glad things are going well. Hugs x

  5. Haha I am totally the opposite and want to speed things up! I don't know why but I am just not enjoying pregnancy as much this time, last time it was such a novelty but this time it seems to be dragging. I think I need to help myself by doing a bit more exercise though, especially now I am starting to get a bit 'large'! I have been getting the aching hips at night, not nice at all. Your bump is looking fab though! xx

  6. I love that bump! You look fantastic :)

  7. We are 27 weeks pregnant and our bump is so much smaller than yours. We have been doing lots of comparisons of the net and we are getting a little concerned. The doctors are also doing regular scans to ensure the size is ok. My wife takes heprin everyday which may be causing the issue. Great blog, will be back to compare progress.



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