Thursday 27 December 2012

My Beautiful Boy

You may have noticed that I love to take photos of my gorgeous little man.  Not only is he utterly scrummy, he is my life right now and I love recording our adventures.  All my photos are courtesy of my smartphone though, and although I am never without it, there is something special about those perfectly posed pictures with a quality camera.

When Dylan was only a few weeks old, we got his photos done, and his gorgeous Cat in the Hat picture still hangs pride of place in the living room.  We went back to the same photographer when he was six months and twelve months to have some more pictures done.  

It is with great pride in my beautiful boy that I share some of my favourite photos of Dylan

6 Months Old

Daddy's little penguin

The Cat in the Hat

My gorgeous little smiler

12 Months

The Cheekiest litte Chap

Happy 1st Birthday Dylan

Cake Smash
I love these pictures and how colourful and full of life they are and I love my gorgeous little boy.  I can't wait to take little Squish along when he is here to get his very own photos done.

Photos by the wonderful Tracey-Anne at Kidz-Unlimited


  1. They are lovely photos hun, I didn't get any professional ones of Mads when she was little and I kind of wish I had done, but I have my camera and enjoy trying to take them of her myself. I am however definitely going to get some photos done of the four of us once the new arrival is here!

    1. I would love some nice family ones as we really don't have any - hoping to get some done once the new little guy is here as well x

  2. Lovely pictures! Dylan is so adorable x x

  3. He is a gorgeous little boy and very happy too :)

  4. Childhood memories are very special and close to our hearts, so in most of the occasions we used to found those memories in our kids therefore we take snaps of our little babies every single snap gives us more pleasure and happiness. Love this above pictures definitely we should feel more proud to watch our kids are growing.


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