Thursday 1 November 2012

24 Weeks Pregnant

I have reached 24 weeks and it feels like a milestone.  Using the rather crude term, Squish is now viable which means should he decide my womb is no longer comfortable, he would stand a fighting chance at survival.  We have had a word and decided that another 13 weeks at least would be lovely though so here is hoping he stays put!  Here is my 24 week bump in all it's glory:

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On the Inside

I am finding sleeping a lot less comfortable and even with my lovely long pillow I still have to wake up to change sides every few hours.  I have also found that
whilst I have lovely kicks and wriggles all through the day, the moment I lie down to sleep there is a full blown party going on in my tummy and it turns all sorts of shapes as squish practices his gymnastics!

I am finding I get out of breath sometimes although rather than discouraging me to walk up hills I am trying to push my body further in the hope that it learns to cope with the reduced lung space.  I don't think it is working so far but I am a naturally active person so I am fighting any signs that I should be taking it easy.

I had a midwife appointment this week and he confirmed everything is going well.  He commented in fact that Squish was going to be as noisy as Dylan by the sounds of things as his loud little heartbeat nearly drowned out my rather chatty 14 month old talking down the pretend phone,

Generally I am still feeling rather good though and really enjoying this second trimester.

On the Outside

Bump is growing at a steady rate now and I find what I wear makes a huge difference to how pregnant I look.  My work uniform does seem to magnify it and I have been told by several customers that I am looking huge and should be on maternity leave by now.  I treated myself to a few new maternity bits this week as with winter well and truly here I need some comfy clothes to keep me warm and I am starting to stretch my normal clothes beyond repair.

We attended a friends Halloween party last week and rather than buying an expensive maternity costume I decided why not make my own?  It produced a lot of laughter and was great fun to do!  You can see my painted pumpkin here.

24 weeks pregnant, 24 weeks second pregnancy, bump diary


  1. Bump is looking lovely as usual- I find 24 weeks a great milestone too, it is a crude term but it is nice to know that god forbid if anything happened, at least there is a chance they could survive- it was the milestone I was most excited about last time- apart from the birth of course. ;)
    I am going maternity shopping at the weekend for a couple of bits- I don't want a lot as I don't want to waste my money but I do need some bits!

    1. My plan is to have a few more babies so I can get my money's worth! I had a bit of a splurge in Mamas and Papas on maternity bits and I love them :)

  2. Happy 24 Weeks :) Great Bump! I'm glad you are still feeling good! I know what you mean about sleeping, I've not been comfortable sleeping on my right side so slightly annoying! x

  3. Your bump is looking great. Getting through that milestone is major and comes as a big relief for us expecting mums. Congrats :)

  4. So jealous of your bump - you just look stunning! I looked like a whale. I saw someone blog that Stacey Solomon wasn at the BabyShow and I had a little giggle in case they'd confused her with you :-)

  5. Yes I was a whale too - looking good. Xxx

  6. Your bump looks so neat and fab. Glad you are keeping well xx

  7. looking good lovely! Glad you are doing well. xxx


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