Monday 12 November 2012

Garden Fun with a WigWam - Review

As I have mentioned before, we are refusing to be beaten by the cold weather and have spent just as much time playing outside as ever recently.  Playhouses have sent us a wigwam and with the move to a bigger house with a bigger garden it was perfect timing.  In between bouts of rain or when we just need to let of steam, Dylan and I have been exploring our new garden and playing plenty of peekabo with our new tent.

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Although marketed as suitable for over 3's, I see no reason why a younger child cannot enjoy playing supervised with the wigwam and my 15 month old loved it!  Hopefully it will last him a good few years as his imagination grows and it becomes an army base, a hideaway from jungle monsters or even his own little den. the wigwam is covered with a waterproof PVC nylon fabric meaning should the showers start we can cower inside and enjoy a biscuit or two! It can be left outside
providing no storms are imminent, however as our garden is paved we decided to bring it in when it was not in use.  The wigwam is priced at £54.99 which I don't think is a bad price at all considering it is a long lasting garden toy that is great to play with in summer or winter and encourages plenty of imagination!
toddler in wigwam, child's garden wigwam

As soon as I put it up, Dylan was excited and loved running all the way round, going in, coming out again and back round.  We played until it started properly raining and he loved being a little Indian chief.  The material and build feels strong and like it will last although the fabric cover is not washable.  Size wise, it is big enough for a toddler to stand and an adult to crouch inside which means there are plenty of games we can play together!  Although we are enjoying it now I think it will be perfect in the summer to provide some shade and somewhere quiet for the little dude to sit when the heat gets too much for him.
child wigwam, garden tent

All in all we are very impressed with the WigWam and are having lots of autumn fun playing in our little garden now.  Dylan even found a great use for the box although luckily he didn't manage to get out the side gate!

child opening gate, toddler opening gate


  1. Do I spy Hatley dragon wellies?! I love Hatley.
    Also your wigwam is immense... xx

  2. Looks like you both had great fun, might have to this to the xmas list as a garden gift for the youngsters :)


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