Monday 20 August 2012

Folk Week Fun

 Every year one of our local towns holds a folk week festival.  The seafront pubs have live music all day and the stalls sell everything from funky clothes and jewellery to delicious fudge.  Clarence the Dragon and the Hobby Horses walk along the clifftops as jugglers and balloon makers entertain the children.  The atmosphere is friendly and all inclusive during the day and lively in the evenings with the pubs being so full the streets are lined with people until late into the night.

folk week, broadstairs seafront
The perfect place for a pub garden

This year we celebrated rather differently to
our child free years.  A few less pub lunches and late nights and a few more early mornings and watching the entertainment at the bandstand.  Dylan loved the music and bells and was captivated by the colours and people.  He sat bopping his head as we watched the country and folk music and laughed as the audience clapped.  He crawled on the grass and bathed in the attention he got.

father and son, folk week bells, son feeding dad
Playing with the bells

baby in sunglasses

Luckily for us the weather has been perfect this past week and we have been able to spend it all outside admiring the seaside view.  We have had a fantastic week at Broadstairs folk week and the bloke picked a good time to take off work! We are looking forward to next year and taking Dylan along to the morning kid's club so he can toddle around!

broadstairs beach, folk week
The tents at the end hold the stalls and entertainment
broadstairs beach during folk week
Broadstairs Beach
Do you have anything like this where you live?


  1. Looks lovely - the weather totally makes stuff like this doesn't it ;) x we have the annual kite festival on the seafront next weekend which is amazing to see when the sky is cloudless! #cannotwait :0) xxx

    Lucky both of us being by the sea xxx

    1. Kite festival sounds fab, bet the little ones will love the colours! I do love living so close to the sea x

  2. I always attend Folk Week - although the hobby horses have scared me since I was a child! Hope you had fun, and glad the weather was lovely!

  3. I have never heard of it before. It looks fab and something my boys would really enjoy. The pics are lovely too. X

  4. Awwww I could eat Dylan with a spoon (but I won't!) Love the shot of him in sunglasses. We don't have anything like this, but we do have a gala day, when the local primary school children march in costume down the street and there are decorated floats and a crowning of the gala queen. Unfortunately this year it poured with rain. But we still enjoyed it.

  5. This looks like great fun! Made all the better for the beautiful sunshine I expect. Looks like your little boy had a blast :)


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