Sunday 18 December 2016

A Fourth First Christmas

This is my fourth time celebrating a first Christmas and the novelty has worn off a little.  I was so excited when we approached December 2011, Dylan had all the beautiful dress up onesies, I took him to playgroup parties and to see Santa and I lovingly wrapped a few gifts to put in his stocking.  Since then I have realised that Christmas just gets better the older they are, so instead of planning ways on remembering Cora's milestone, I am focusing on her big brothers, and making Christmas special for them.

Dylan and Archie are a wonderful age for it, they understand  more, they remember the excitement, they are learning the songs, watching the Christmas films and Dylan has been learning about the Christmas story at school.  They write lists to Santa, they discuss where they will hang their stockings and they want to send Christmas cards to everyone we know.

Cora meanwhile is pretty oblivious.  I am still her world, she wants milk and cuddles and she doesn't care much for toys or books just yet.  She will wake up on Christmas morning to gifts under the tree but I will be unwrapping the same presents I wrapped the night before, getting excited on her behalf and with three big brothers and all their toys, she will mostly be receiving clothes ready for her in the next size up.

Cora's first Christmas is still special though, it is still a first, it is still full of magic and joy and so I decided to dress her up and take some photos, because this is probably the only year she will sit still and I was a little excited about buying her a tutu (I bought it a size big so that she can actually wear it next year).  These photos are a 'just because' and I love them.

I bought her skirt from Florrie and Max, her vest from Le Petit Chiffon and her headband from Harper Jade


  1. What a little beauty. It is the onslaught of all the toys and where on earth I will put then that is worrying me. Clothes for little ones if def a good idea xx

  2. Nice article pictures. thank you for sharing and keep up the good work.

  3. Absolutely stunning photos. The tutu looks so cute on Cora. We hope you had a fantastic Christmas xx


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