Thursday 8 December 2016

5 Months Baby Girl

5 months baby girl, five long, short months.  In most ways it feels like Cora has been here forever now, the days before her arrival, my pregnancy seem so long ago.  At 5 months old she has found her place in our crazy family and we feel so adjusted to life with four.  In other ways she is still so new though, she is still a baby, even if you can't call her a newborn anymore.  

At 5 months Cora is still exclusively breastfed, we haven't started weaning yet and I haven't even pumped yet to try her on a bottle.  This means that I haven't left her yet for longer than about 30 minutes.  We are planning to start weaning around Christmas time (she turns 6 months on December 27th) and I have a pump ready in case I want to go out over the festive season.  I am pretty happy staying in or bringing her out with me at the moment though.

5 months old, baby girl, 5 months

Cora weighs 15lb 11oz at 23 weeks and she still wears 3-6 month clothes.  Some are starting to get snug whilst others are still quite roomy, it depends a lot on where they are from.  the romper in the pictures is actually size 0-3 month and she has a few bodies that still fit in the smaller size, I think maybe her length is in her legs.

At 5 months Cora can sit unaided for short spells, but she is easily distracted by her own toes and falls over.  she sits well with support and she can roll over from her back to her front (but not the other way yet).  We recently brought out the jumperoo and she is happy in there for a few minutes, but she still prefers kicking around on the ground.  Her playmat is her favourite place to be, other than on Mummy of course.

Sleeping has deteriorated rapidly and this little lady will only sleep in my bed at night now.  She also likes to wake for a snack roughly every hour which is exhausting.  She tends to have a short nap in the morning before one of her brothers ends up waking her and then a longer nap in the afternoon when Finn sleeps.

At 5 months old, Cora is happy and chatty.  She smiles and giggles and has a really ticklish neck.  She adores her brothers still and they fight over who is her favourite.  She has slotted into our mad house perfectly and I can barely remember life before her.  I can't believe she is going to be 6 months in only a few weeks!!

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  1. Aw what beautiful photos! They'd make a wonderful trio of canvases to grace any wall in your home :)


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