Friday 16 December 2016

The Third Child // ToddleBike 2 Review

Being the third child means always wanting to keep up with your siblings.  Finn may have been placid as a newborn, but as a toddler he is raring to go, desperate to be as big as his brothers, convinced he can climb as high, run as fast and jump as high.  When we go to the park, the big two usually take their scooters, they whizz around and race down the paths and Finn has been desperate to join in.  He was recently sent a Toddlebike 2 and he absolutely loves it.

pre-balance bike, toddler bike, toddlebike 2

It is so incredibly lightweight (it weighs less than 1kg),  suitable from when a child is walking confidently and helps prepare them for a balance bike.  It is light enough to pop it in the basket of the buggy when we go out and it means Finn can race around with his brothers and feel like one of the 'big boys'.  At 21 months he is building up more speed, but he still sits on the crossbar rather than the seat.  

toddlebike, bike for toddlers, one year old on a bike,

If you are still looking for a Christmas gift for a 1-3 year old then this Toddlebike 2 is ideal.  Finn is building up the skills and balance ready to move up to the next stage of bike or scooter and he is so happy.  They are only £23.95 with free postage too and come in three colours - check out Toddlebike for more details

bike for one year old, toddlebike, pre-balance bike

Thanks to Toddlebike for sending Finn his first bike, he loves it!

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